30×30 List!

Thirty Things to do Before I Turn 30

1. Attend a Gwar Show Completed 4/27/12

2. Brew/Bottle my own Beer Completed 2/19/12

3. Complete the Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K (in Boston) Completed 5/5/12

4. Design a Knitting Pattern Completed 9/23/12

5. Bet on a horse Completed 9/26/12

6. Pass my LSW Exam Completed 9/5/12

7. Re-read The Great Gatsby Completed 6/7/12

8. Attend a Maury Povich Taping (and not be the father) Completed 2/10/12

9. See Mickie James wrestle live (Could not be completed before turning 30 – instead this is mostly about meeting Sara del Rey!)

10. WILD CARD (This is something random I haven’t done before, but I consider noteworthy): Guinness Book of World Records!

11. Attend a Monster Truck Rally Completed 2/19/12

12. Watch Return of the Jedi (because I’ve only see the first two Star Wars movies) Completed 12/6/11

13. Volunteer for an organization I know nothing about Completed 5/6/12

14. Perform stand up (3-5 minutes) Completed 12/18/11

15. Bowl at the elusive bowling alley in Ball Square   Completed 12/10/11

16. Go Yurt Camping Completed 9/16/12

17. Learn how to play Rilo Kiley’s With Arms Outstretched on the guitar Completed 9/21/12

18. Go to the Mapparium Completed 2/11/12

19. Sky Dive Completed 9/24/12

20. Be in a car that climbs Mount Washington Completed 8/12/12

21. Go vegan for a week Completed 7/31/12

22. Make my own sushi  Part One Completed 1/7/12      Part Two Completed 2/23/12

23. Be (the last one) standing in Dodgeball and *win* Completed 2/28/12

24. Take a language class Completed July 2012

25. Invest $25 in a Kiva project Completed 11/23/11

26. Ask out a total stranger Completed 9/26/12

27. Hike Mt. Battie in Maine Completed 9/25/12

28. Participate in an internet “Secret Santa” Completed 12/9/11

29. Attend a Speed Dating Event  Completed 4/17/12

30. Grow tomatoes  Completed 8/13/12

2 responses

  1. I hiked Mt Battie in Maine every year as a kid! Haven’t done it since I hit puberty (unrelated), but brings back memories! Congrats on completing all of these!

  2. […] many things I haven’t done. Inspired by a friend and fellow blogger, I decided to create a 30×30 list. A bucket list of sorts,  below are 30 things I’d like to do/accomplish/experience before I […]

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