#25 Invest $25 in a Kiva Project

Kiva is an amazing organization.

Instead of donating money to organizations I’ve always donated my time. I spent a year in San Antonio doing community service with City Year. Every year I coordinatea pot luck part with my friends where instead of bringing gifts for each other, we bring gifts for needy children and wrap them together. I’m a big believer in paying it forward. When my friends need to be sponsored for a 5K or request a donation to an organization for their birthday, I am more than happy to help. I knew that at some point in my life I would make the same request of my friends. Recently, that happened and the outpouring of support and funds donated to the cause was overwhelming. (And I thank everyone again. Forever)

After spending about five minutes browsing the Kiva website, I decided to make my first investment in to Net’s Agriculture/Farming Venture. My $25 investment helped her to meet her goal of $250 which will help her purchase cassava trees for her plantation and hire laborers to help her manage the property. In a world where $7 can feed her entire family, a loan of $250 will help her farm grow exponentially.

Perhaps the best thing about Kiva is that this is a loan, not a donation. Once Net pays back my $25 loan I am free to invest it in to another Kiva sponsored project or can donate the money to Kiva to help with their overhead costs and write it off on my taxes. 

Goal #25: Invest $25 in a Kiva Project: Complete

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