About Me

Hello, I’m Dana!

I’m truly grateful that you have somehow found your way here! While there is no true theme to this blog, I hope that you are able to take away something positive and have an enjoyable experience reading about my (mis)adventures.

Boston is my home. I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life with the exception of one year spent in San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) working with an AmeriCorps program. Currently, I oversee programs that assist older adults in my community and I recently completed my Masters in Public Health/Global Health.

I enjoy knitting, reading, boxing, volunteering, and traveling. I’ve traveled to more than half of the United States and Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, England, Canada, USVI, Ghana and Mexico. Every year I take at least one disaster relief volunteer trip. I’ve returned from those trips feeling more connected to the community and residents. 

Sometimes I write other things for other people. I’ve also covered Independent Wrestling for the website Women of Wrestling and was recently published in the online magazine Ms. Fit and on the website Rocks at the Bottom. 

Create Your Own Visited States Map

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

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