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#22 Make My Own Sushi (Part Two)

Sushi time! Part Deux!


When Vincent said he was going to buy me an “experience” for Christmas I had a funny feeling he was going to take me to a sushi making class. Best present ever? It’s certainly up there. Especially since he’d already seen all the UFC fights that were on the DVD I got him.


Last Thursday, we headed over to Brookline for a sushi making class at Sea to You Sushi. I pride myself on being absolutely crazy about being on time, but I mixed up the start time of the class and we were half an hour late. Thankfully, we only missed the techniques and ingredients. It was on a hand out they gave us anyway. As long as we didn’t miss any sushi, we were in good shape. And hungry. We were so, so hungry.


After a quick demonstration on making a maki roll, which the instructor was kind enough to do for us again, we lined up behind our more educated classmates and piled our ingredients on a plate – salad bar style. For me, this meant lots of sweet potato and spicy mayo. For Vincent, this meant everything. I think it was his personal quest to use every ingredient they had on site. He also paid extra so we could have shrimp tempura (my favorite) for our rolls. YES! As you can see from the photos below, Vincent’s rolls were far prettier than mine. Mostly this is because mine are covered in spicy mayo (two things I hate separately, but together are magic on sushi)

Each sushi masterpiece we created went immediately in to our mouths. Since we were late, we missed the part of the class where they told us not to eat out sushi so that they could take a picture of us with our finished plate. Oops. You know what? I don’t regret a thing. It was delicious. And again, we were very hungry. Plus, since they needed to photograph us with something other than empty plates, it gave us an excuse to make an additional few rolls – which we then took home to eat.

Sea to You Sushi offers three levels of sushi classes. After Joe and Kim’s sushi making party we had a basic idea of what we were doing, but we needed to learn the basics like knife prep and rolling techniques. One girl in our class created a near perfect caterpillar roll – avocado slivers and all. MOVE UP TO LEVEL THREE, SHOW OFF. THIS IS FOR PEOPLE THAT WANT TO JAM AS MUCH SWEET POTATO AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN INTO A JUMBO ROLL AND THEN EAT IT WHEN THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO….or something.

Much like my beer brewing post, I’m not going to go through the specifics of creating the near perfect sushi creations Vincent and I mustered up. My two reasons for doing so, again, are because I will probably tell you something wrong and I want you to give them your money. Plus, it’s a super fun activity to do with others (or alone, no judgements).


#22 Make My Own Sushi (Part One)

I know some pretty awesome people. Item #22 will be a two part series. Part One, below, highlights the sushi making party I attended this past weekend at Joe and Kim’s. While Part Two (TBD) will focus on a sushi making class Vincent bought me for Christmas. So awesome.

This past Saturday night, a group of us were invited to the biggest and best sushi making party that will probably ever exist. Due to the fact that making my own sushi is an item on my list, I am going to assume that Joe and Kim planned this party entirely to suit my needs and just invited a few other people to watch me eat this sushi. Thankfully, I’m a nice person so everyone got to have a little bit.

I arrived first, scoring the parking pass (YES!) and I was greeted by the gracious hosts and a plate of a tuna and salmon sushi (all for me). Looking at the sushi spread (all for me), I was glad I had saved up the majority of my weight watcher points for the party (including 3 Saranac Caramel Porters – delicious).

Kim laid out all types of ingredients for us. In addition to the necessary items of seaweed, sticky rice, and raw fish (tuna and salmon). She had avocado, cucumber, egg, eel, octopus, pickled radish, roe, and probably a lot more ingredients that I never got to.

Joe, hilariously, doesn’t eat raw fish. So Kim cooked sushi grade tuna for him. “This is killing me!” we heard her yell from the kitchen a few times. It was killing all of us.

Everything about the party was beyond awesome. I only knew a few people in the group, so talking about our various sushi combinations made for great conversation. I didn’t participate in said conversations because I was too busy stuffing my face while everyone else was talking. Suckers.

The evolution of my first sushi roll:

1. Lay a piece of seaweed on a flat surface. Joe’s advice: Place a small amount of sticky rice on the seaweed paper and flatten it out as best you can until the paper is covered. I was in good hands.

2. Line up our ingredients in the center of the paper. Through trial and error I discovered that three ingredients was the most you could put in and be able to keep it together. This roll has tuna, avocado, cucumber.

3. Roll it up. Carefully.

4. STUFF IT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!! No picture, because I am a lady.

5. Repeat 10-20 times.

By far, my favorite combination was definitely eel, tuna, egg, and cucumber. I know, that’s four ingredients, you guys! But when I rolled it up, it stayed together, SO THERE.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking coffee, talking about highly inappropriate things (fleshlights), tossing around some dodgeballs, and laughing a whole heck of a lot while I spared people from watching me do Zumba moves to Pitbull songs. It was one of the most fun, laid back, and delicious nights in recent memory.

#22 Make My Own Sushi – Completed 1/7/12