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#12 Watch “The Return of the Jedi”

To be fair, I watched the first two of the original Star Wars movies this year (and Episode 1 in high school – but everyone rolls their eyes when I say that). I had planned to never watch them because Sci-Fi does not appeal to me at all. Every action and story line can be explained by the fact that it is Sci-Fi. I’ve always felt like there should be a greater, and more understable, justification for what happens in Sci-Fi movies.

In high school, my friend Powell was a Star Wars fanatic and Episode 1 was released when we were seniors. Even though Powell had seen Episode 1 in the theatre a few times, it was important to him that I see it as well. So, I went. And I fell asleep. There is something in my brain that doesn’t allow me to follow what is going in Star Wars. My brain works this same way with Harry Potter and The Wire. I hate to say “I don’t get it,” but, really, I don’t get it.

Fast forward to 2011 and two of my roommates sitting on my living room floor trying to make one working VCR out of two broken ones. One of my roommates, Jason, owned the trilogy on VHS, and both he and Joe (other roommate) were determined to get me to sit down and watch them AT THAT MOMENT.

“Guys, it’s in my Netflix queue.” The response from them was wildly yielding screw drivers and the result was a ruined VHS tape.

A few months later, when I finally let those two films trickle to the top of my netflix queue, I sat down to watch them with Jason. And, honestly, I don’t remember much about them. I remember that Harrison Ford’s character was put in some concrete thing by Darth Vader and that that furry giant was very upset about it. I also remember checking twitter on my phone more than a few times and being hungry.

So, why watch Return of the Jedi? Because I don’t feel as though I can have an opinion on the whole trilogy without watching it in it’s entirety. It’s a huge piece of pop culture history. There are conventions, action figures *still being produced* and LEGOS (I know this because there are two space ships in my kitchen. And no, I don’t know which ones they are, nerds.)  And lastly because even though I had a feeling as to how Han Solo ended up, I wanted to see it for myself. There I said it. You got me, Star Wars.

Joe, a now recently moved out roommate, and his girlfriend, Kim, had me over for delicious chickie chickie parm parm and Return of the Jedi watching. Within the first five minutes I noticed that this film closely bared the closest resemblance to “Space Balls” and I got a little too excited about that. In a perfect world Darth Vader would’ve been played by Rick Moranis*

Did I enjoy the film? Enough. I liked when the Ewok’s showed up because they’re totally adorable. I don’t understand why Princess Leia can’t use the force as well since she Luke’s “twin” and thus Darth’s daughter (is this is a classic “Star Wars” question? Someone explore this theory or send me an article about it.) Joe pointed out to me that Yoda was voiced by Frank Oz – the same Frank Oz that voices Fozzie Bear. There is a striking vocal resemblance there.

The best part was the lightsaber duel and the final conversation between Luke and Darth. *SPOILER ALERT FOR NO ONE* I did not know that Darth Vader dies at the end of the movie. I would’ve loved if that was the final scene, but instead it was a family portrait of everyone partying with the Ewoks. Lame.

Also, Harrison Ford is a bad actor.

Have you ever read the credits at the end? Some of my favorite names include Dalyn Chew, Dickey Beer, Deep Roy, and Swim Lee.

Do I feel complete after having watched the original Star Wars trilogy? Sure. If only because I don’t have justify never having seen it to people. I think my new roommate Joe put it best: “If you’re watching it for the first time as an adult, you might as well just not watch it.” Perhaps I would’ve enjoyed the magic more if I was watching it for the first time as a six year old. I probably wouldn’t have been as skeptical of the material as I was and I would’ve accepted it for what it is: a break from reality where at the end you find out that there is good in everyone.

*everyone should be played by Rick Moranis. ever.

#12 Watch “The Return of the Jedi” – completed 12/6/11