Passion Forward

Passion Forward was created to give people an opportunity to discuss one thing that they’re truly passionate about. I’ve always been interested in why people love the things that they love and I will try to experience their passion as best as I possibly can.  Maybe you’ll learn something here or discover something new that you might like to try, but I really hope that you think about what brings you joy and spend more time doing that.

2/8/16 – Knitting with Renee!
Renee talks about her passion for fiber arts. She offers great advice for people thinking about giving knitting a try.

8/24/15 – Pro-Wrestling with Derrick!
Derrick and I talked about WWE past and present. He shares his favorite matches, gimmicks and wrestlers of all time.

8/3/15 – Sports (Exclamation Point!) with Victoria!
Victoria shares her love of sports in all capacities.

7/13/15 – Galentine’s Day/Parks and Recreation with Michelle!
Michelle tells me about her love of Parks and Recreation and why she decided to throw her very own Galentine’s Day.

7/6/15 – Dragon Boat Racing with Matt!
Matt and I chat about his dragon boating racing team and why he loves the sport.

6/30/15 – Cat’s with Harry!
Harry and I discuss his two kitties, Huckleberry and Finn.

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