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#10 WILD CARD: Make it into the Guinness Book of World Records

Back in December I participated in a Reddit Secret Santa Swap. I was given a wonderful partner who in addition to sending me some pretty radical stuff referred to me as “the coolest person ever.” If that’s not going to bring good tidings of cheer, what will?

It wasn’t until I received an e-mail from Reddit a few days ago that I learned this Secret Santa project was an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records. I just wanted cool stuff.

Well, the project was successful. And while I wait to receive my official certificate. Here’s proof!

#28 Participate in an Internet Secret Santa

There is nothing better than getting a good piece of mail. When I was little I used to write to all the famous people listed in the back of Bop Magazine. As an adult and aspiring super crafter, I sometimes participate in themed craft swaps through Craftster (a fantastic resource for crafty ladies and gentlemen). A friend of mine recently turned me on to reddit (a fantastic resource for Internet trolling ladies and gentlemen) and after browsing their wrestling material (minimal), I stumbled across the Reddit Gifts portion and signed up to participate in their Secret Santa. I was given a dude who was in to Star Wars and Back to the Future. Internet stalking yielded no results so I settled on a portrait of the delorian fromStay Gold Media’s Etsy Shop . I wanted something a little different and other than knowing what he was in to, I did not know what he had.

Friday of this past week I was having a bit of a bummer day and was elated to have received my SS package. The amount of care and research that my Secret Santa put in was unbelievable. The card I received explained it all and I got a little teary eyed reading her kind words. Also, the fact that someone who had never even met put that much effort in to sending me a completely custom kick ass package made receiving this gift extra special.

Here is what she sent (along with my sleepy, goofy self at 1am):

1. Yarn! Yay! Awesome acrylic grey striped yarn. Perfect for a scarf for my dad. And yes, Secret Santa, you bought the right type of yarn for knitting – all yarn is good!

2. A book all about Alabama – my SS’s home state. I’ve sadly only had the chance to thumb through it, but she wrote on every single page facts about Alabama and whether or not things are true. Don’t worry, I will share this knowledge with you all after I get some time with it. I don’t know much about Alabama, but I’m psyched to learn.

3. A tote bag of The Great Gatsby which is on my 30×30 to re-read since I didn’t pay attention to it in school. The organization that she bought it from donates a book to African children with each bag purchased. Awesome cause. Fantastic gift. It even has an interior pocket!

Thank you again so much! I am so lucky!

#28 Participate in an Internet Secret Santa – Complete!