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#11 Attend a Monster Truck Rally

I’ll admit it. This was a last minute addition to the list. The thing is… I love doing weird, awkward things (which is why I also added Speed Dating), but there are some things I have just always wanted to do and needed the justification for. Going to a monster truck rally is one of those things.

I’d been planning on visiting my friends Sam and Bobby at their new apartment in Providence for a while and when I saw the Monster Truck rally was headed there, I shot her email. Sadly, that was the one weekend they were going back to Buffalo. When they came to visit me at work one night, I laughed off the idea of inviting them to the Monster Truck rally, but they both emphasized they would love to go.

Well, GUESS WHAT? Last SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Grave Digger and the whole Monster Jam Truck gang rolled their way to the DCU Center in Worcester. Sam, Christine, Jason, and I were on hand to take in the noxious gas fumes. We took our seats in the back amidst the flannel and protective ear wear. I hate loud noises. This will be fun!

The show began with MONSTER TRUCK FACE OFF. Four separate matches took place. It came down to Wolverine and Grave Digger (the crowd favorite), but Wolverine prevailed.

Wolverine is seriously bad ass.

Following Wolverines victory, there was an intermission. If I was smart, I would’ve taken this time to get out of the arena and walk around the concourse, but I didn’t. Right as the FREESTYLE MOTOR CROSS was set to begin, I felt disgustingly ill, and had to go for a walk where I resisted buying the combination GRAVE DIGGER hat and cotton candy. It was tough. Those fumes can guide you into make poor life choices.

Christine was not impressed with the FREESTYLE MOTOR CROSS an I’m not entirely sure why. These dudes did all sorts of tricks, flips, and jumps on their little bikes. Even a few audible “oohs” and “ahhs” came out of Jason.

Next, was the moment we’ve all been waiting for. See the yellow van up there? It’s about to get CRUSHED! “See that white car? My mom had that. Great car,” Christine said. NOT FOR LONG, CHRISTINE! LET’S GRAVE DIGGER* IT!

So, without any further hesitation. Here is a series of photos of MONSTER TRUCKS CRUSHING CARS!!!!

I mean, isn’t that really all this entry needed to be? One of the trucks, I think it was MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION, had a tire blow out and catch fire. HIGH STAKES AT MONSTER JAM, PEOPLE!

All in all. It was a wonderful, smoky, hilarious afternoon. Day trips with great friends are always a welcome distraction in my life. And now that I know I can persuade them to do almost anything with me, the sky is the limit!

Jason’s long arm took this photo of (clockwise) Christine, Sam, Jason, and myself.

*This is now a term I use when I want to physically destroy something. (Example: “I am going to GRAVE DIGGER that burrito”)

#11 Attend a Monster Truck Rally – Completed 2/19/12