Overwhelmed and Excited, I think

Right now I am 2.5 weeks away from losing 2/3 of my stomach and I couldn’t be happier. The nurse called me to change my surgery date to two days earlier than originally scheduled and I said “You could change it to tomorrow and I’ll be there.” I’m ready for this change and this new chapter in my life. I’ll be healthier and while that is why I am doing, there’s a part of my that is screaming “HOLY CATS YOU COULD BE THIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE” and fighting back tears. I don’t know how this is going to go or ultimately where I’ll end up, but the promise of things radically changing for my body, finally, feels like a reward for all the hard work I put in five years ago. I’m going to do the same hard work, but the weight will stay off this time.

I have goal clothing. Recently I bought a Candice LaRae shirt from Hot Topic. I’m 35. I bought the shirt in a medium (unisex) because I have been that size before so this isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. I want to get back into my sailboat dress. My goal stores are Patagonia and Banana Republic. If I can walk into Patagonia and try on a jacket and have it fit that will be enough. I don’t even need to buy it. Success.

I’m pretty sure the Dunkin Donuts I go to will have think I died. They’ll first realize this when they have a surplus of pumpkin syrup and don’t run out mid-September. The delivery guy from my favorite Chinese take-out place is listed in my phone as “Food is Here” because he sings that to me when I answer his call. I had to put him in my phone because I  blocked him one time for trying to deliver food to me I didn’t order and thought I was being harassed. I doubt any of you have had to put that much energy and forethought into your take-out orders. I like him; sad to lose him as a friend.

I’ve spent less time thinking about the actual surgery including, but not limited to, the procedure, the hospital stay, the recovery period and the rest of my life and more time thinking about what I can accomplish with those two weeks off from work. My list includes reading a bunch of books, rewatching Happy Endings and trying to trick people into painting my living room (“I thought I had more energy and I’m still too sore. The paint is over there thank you.”)

Only recently did I decide to put my non-profit financial management certificate program on hold because math is hard and financial statements are boring AF. I tried to  take another graduate course that I don’t need so I can get my financial aid to pay for my remaining two classes and a three week practicum in Ghana, which is essential to the work I want to be doing, but I am two days late. I’m stressed, angry, sad and I’m forced to change my thinking when these upsets happen. With all the money I’ll save on not going out to eat or drink I will probably be able to go to Ghana three times. Positive thinking? (I will figure this out, I always do.)

What I’m saying is that I have taken on way too much, per usual, and I’m very tired, per usual, and my gym membership goes unused, per usual. This all falls under the category of not taking care of myself, which is so unbelievably important in general, but especially after surgery. I’m forced to develop an entirely new set of coping skills for when I’m feeling stressed. So much of my time, focus and energy will be spent on making sure that I am following the guidelines and doing what I need to do because I have one chance with this one year to lose what I can so I can live the life I want. Mom’s spaghetti.

There can be no more over doing things. I’m forced into being my #1 priority. Last year when I told my boyfriend I was going to sign up for roller derby intro classes he said “You can’t even find the time now to get to the rink and skate before it even starts.” Even a month ago when I received an email classes were starting again I had to stop myself from responding with “I think I’ll miss two weeks because I’m having weight loss surgery” and instead wrote “Please let me know when your next round of classes are happening.” I’m really proud of myself. When I love things I throw myself in and that sometimes means that things are done half-assed. That’s not fair to the other people whose passion is that thing I am constantly dropping the ball on.

Everything will be moving forward in the direction I have always wanted things to move in. Maybe I was too scared to be successful or I keep myself too busy to prevent myself from getting hurt and endless over thinking. This surgery is going to change the way I do almost everything and help me prioritize what is actually important.



Let’s Just Do This Already!

A few weeks ago I had my first meeting with my psychiatrist regarding my weight loss surgery. I’m anxious over not having an official surgery date and every day that goes by feels incredibly long. January is just around the corner and I need to eat as many Qdoba burritos as possible before then*.

I’d like to reiterate that I 100% understand and respect the choice to keep this surgery private. It’s just like any medical procedure or diagnosis. For me, it helps to talk about this, process it through writing and hopefully share a positive experience that might take away some of the stigma surrounding this surgery.

During my first appointment we covered a lot of ground. He asked me if I would be okay if my relationship with my boyfriend ended. I replied a tentative ‘yes’ because I have no idea how things are going to change for him, but I know it requires him changing his lifestyle to accommodate mine. That’s a huge ask.

“Well, the reason I ask,” the doctor said, “is because some people like their partner bigger.”

I sat on this for a moment. “Why don’t you have a dating service side hustle to hook those dudes up with chicks like me? I could be married right now.”

It’s amazing they’ve given me the go ahead on this.

“Has anyone in your family struggled with their weight?” he asked.

“Yes, my mother and my father…” He opened his mouth to ask the next question. “My maternal grandmother…patnernal grandmother…pater-”


“…nal grandfather. My maternal great…”

He told me that in the first year I’d lose roughly 30% of my weight, putting me around 170lbs which is 15lbs lower than the lowest weight I reached on my own. My sleep apnea will go away! That’s great news because I am SICK of it. An integral part of my c-pap didn’t make it with me to New Orleans last week and I tortured my roommates with my snoring. Like, it became an open house discussion. I also had two sleep apnea attacks that week which was the most I have endured in that small of a time frame. Now there’s this super fun thing where the vacuum cleaner hose doesn’t fit tightly with the mask, it disconnects and sprays distilled water air in my face while making a loud WOOOOOOOOOOOSH noise. Please take 2/3 of my stomach now.

I’m grateful for all the support of my friends and family. So many have been eager to set up dinner dates with me and I look forward to that time with my friends. I am concerned about how I can socialize with some of my friends post-surgery. Telestrations or Mancala, anyone?

The more I think about it, the more positives there are to this. Of course there’s the health and being irresistible to all men (so they say) stuff, but random things specific to me and my quality of life. For example, the smaller I am, the less yarn I will need to buy to knit a sweater and the less time it will take to complete it. For a month after the surgery I don’t have to cook or food shop AT ALL. I have clothes from sizes 12-20 taking up valuable closet real estate which means that I won’t need to buy any clothes for a year. What will I do with all this freed up time? Well, grad school, but also Telestrations or Mancala, anyone?

Next on the schedule is Immersion Day. I’ll spend the whole day with the entire hospital team learning about their roles, the surgery process and what to expect after. The follow up is lifelong, and while that may seem like overkill to some I immediately breathed a sign of relief over having access to ongoing support. Once Immersion Day is done I need to complete three hour long workshops, see my psychiatrist again and meet with a nutritionist a few times. Then my real work begins.


*Obviously these comments are jokes, but Qdoba is really, really good, you guys.


One year ago most of us woke up massively hungover with very little sleep. Maybe we woke up around 4am, opened the CNN app saw “PRESIDENT TRUMP,” thought “haha no way” and went back to sleep only to wake up, open the CNN app and see “PRESIDENT TRUMP.”

We’ve all come up with our own ways to cope over the last year. There’s been venting our frustrations through crying, punching (things, not people) and yelling at people via ALL CAPS on social media. Part of my coping was turning to YouTube. I find ear wax removal and ingrown hair videos meditative and satisfying, but I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’m presenting to you my favorite, hilarious videos and clips that were all a flicker on my phone, computer and television screen for the last twelve months.

Here they are presented in random order. It is my gift to you and I hope they bring a smile to your face while you wait for Betsy DeVos to hand in her resignation.

Stephen Colbert // The Colbert Report // Munchma Quchi

Amy Sedaris once told a story about the rare time Colbert broke character at Second City and proceeded to go ape shit in the back hallway over his disappointment. That makes this clip all the more enjoyable. (Go to 2:22 in the clip)

Saturday Night Live // The Californians

And speaking of people cracking up….

Eric Kelly // Boxing Lessons

If you watch one video, please let it be this one. There are so many quotes in this five minute jewel. Most notably, “Everything is not for everybody.” A friend of mine introduced this to me a few years ago and it’s one of the funniest and, strangely, most inspiring clips I’ve seen.

Jurassic Park Theme Song // Melodica Cover

Just listen to it.

Kane (WWE) // Hard Fart Victory

WWE’s Big Red Machine meant to “hard fought victory” – it’s a great seven seconds.

Saturday Night Live // Haunted Elevator (Featuring David S. Pumpkins)

This came at the perfect time.

Mr. Show // The Story of Everest

This is my favorite Mr. Show sketch.

Mr. Show // The Audition

This is my second favorite Mr. Show sketch.

Tina Fey and Leonardo DiCaprio // Supermodel’s Vagina

I think about this at least twice a day. 

And finally….

Larry David/Saturday Night Live // Goodnight

Summing Up How We All Feel


I’m Having Weight Loss Surgery and I Don’t Care About Your Opinion (but I want it to be an informed one)

This post is not some grand announcement of a major life decision, but in order to explain it best I have to contextualize it. Here’s the quick breakdown that will lead to my major point: I’m having weight loss surgery because I worked my ass off, lost weight, gained most of it back, have sleep apnea and have been told that this surgery will help manage my PCOS. I want to be healthy, active and, aside from being unable to consume copious amounts of sushi in one sitting for the rest of my life, there is no reason not to do this surgery (except for the potential for a medical condition I’m referring to as “tube boobs.”)

It’s not as simple as “okay your stomach is smaller now just go back to your life!” There’s screening, counseling, mandatory weight loss management programs and so many expectations and goals participants need to reach. Weight loss surgery is not a fix; It puts you in a better position to be more successful with maintaining your weight loss. You have to do the work in order for it to work. Even with the surgery and all the ongoing support it’s really, really hard.

But most people don’t know that, because some that have the surgery aren’t comfortable enough to talk about it. There is this belief that surgery is quitting. That resulting to surgery is typical lazy fat person behavior and with that brings a level of shame for the surgeree. I will admit that I believed this, was fairly vocal about it, and gave it as my number one reason for not considering it for myself. I judged people that didn’t choose the road to weight loss that I did and all that mounted was growing resentment. It wasn’t fair of me and I’m sorry to anyone whose feelings I may have hurt. My feeling at the time was “why doesn’t everyone just do what I’m doing?” It doesn’t work like that; Everyone is different.

I didn’t know the facts and, even though I don’t care about your opinion, I want it to be an informed one. One where a person’s decision to do what is in their best interest for their health and body isn’t really anyone else’s business. I want people that have never struggled with their weight to be able to empathize with those that have and understand that there is nothing wrong with undergoing a procedure that will make life infinitely better and longer.

For four years I went to the gym every day, avoided events where I would be tempted or that took place during Zumba class, counted points, scanned items in the grocery story and became overwhelmed and obsessed with the process. It took me four years to lose 70lbs and one year to gain 50lbs. I would cry if I gained even just a little weight. Now I have sleep apnea, which for those not in the know, is when you literally stop breathing for a period of time while sleeping and possibly die. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night choking to the point of vomiting. The treatment is sleeping with a mask on my face that makes me look like a combo of Bane and Gonzo with a Shop Vac hose nose. When I say goodnight to my boyfriend after I’ve put the mask on, the air being shoved up my nose and down my throat expels out my mouth and blows his hair back. If there is an option that would help me reach my goals of a better quality of life, I’d be really stupid not to do it. And if there is someone in your life that has expressed to you they’re considering weight loss surgery, please support their decision. They’re taking control of their health and your support means the world.

I’m at the beginning of this journey and looking forward to each step which will hopefully help me become more comfortable with the procedure and life after. The support I have received so far has been amazing and I want to thank friends and family members of mine that have had this surgery and been total bad asses in accomplishing their goals. This isn’t about taking the easy way out or a desire to wear a size four, it’s about being healthy. I want to sleep without a mask that leaves weird lines on my face, participate in physical activity that I love without being held back, and, live longer than my mother who also had PCOS, developed diabetes in her early 40’s and was gone by 46. I want a better quality of life where I don’t put my life on hold to go to the gym, search endlessly for flattering clothing and just feel good every day. We all need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. No matter how we approach it, it’s going to be riddled with road blocks. I gave up for a while in a number of ways and I’m ready to embrace this and get to where I need to be and want to be for me even if that means not eating as much sushi in one sitting as I previously could.



Premme Fresh

This morning I woke up early so I could get my grubby little mitts on two exclusive items from Premme, a plus size clothing website that launched this morning and features the designs of IRL BFFs Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. These two ladies have been fashion and home decor heroes of mine for over five years and I have been waiting this collaboration even though I never really expected it. It’s like season four of Arrested Development only way, way better and in no way absolutely disappointing. (Yes, I watched it only once when it came out and I will watch it again someday.)


Gabi Greg and Nicolette Mason of Premme. 

A few years back Gregg launched her own swimsuit line, exclusively sold through Swimsuits for All, consisting mostly of bikinis and, you know what? It sold out within hours. I wore my galaxy-kini to the beach and this dude (in a thick Boston accent) yelled “Yo! You look like you’re from space or something. Love that.” It felt nice to be complimented on what I was wearing instead of trying to hide under a monstrous t-shirt because the only bathing suit available was either a tankini or an animal print one piece with a skirt. While those items aren’t my jam, I understand that they may be someone elses. It’s more the lack of options available for curvy girls with a little fashionista just waiting to emerge into a one piece jumper.

Growing up finding clothes was difficult and the lack of availability combined with having to shop in different sections from my friends greatly impacted how I felt about myself. Clothing is a basic human necessity and being unable to find something that fits, let alone makes me feel confident, makes you feel like you’re not enough. You don’t deserve to look good and you should be punished for it.

Premme is important because for the first time two women that have made careers out of blogging about fashion have launched a plus size clothing line. Majority of mainstream fashion designers don’t want to make extended sizes because they feel their designs don’t translate well onto larger, voluptuous canvasses, but what they fail to do is design anything with the larger lady in mind. I’m not mad at these designers, I get it. It’s much easier to design something that fits 0-12 and can look flattering on all those sizes, but I am challenging designers to get more creative. You can do this.

Asos and Eloquii have fabulous lines, but can only be purchased online and have whack return policies. Old Navy offers it’s plus size line only online as well. I love Target because they have mannequins in all sizes and carry the Ava and Viv line (which Mason and Gregg offered feedback on) where I can get the staple items I need without breaking the bank.  Can we talk about Dress Barn for a minute? They carry many of the same items in sizes 0-30, but DIVIDE THE STORE IN HALF starting at a size 14. Seems dumb, right? Well, it’s because they charge about $6-8 more for the same item in a plus size. Dress Barn is fired and they do not get a link.

We’re ready to be surprised. Any designer or store that sells fashionable plus size clothing will be welcomed with open arms. Just look at Stitch Fix. They saw the light and started offering plus size items from their designers created exclusively for Stitch Fix for a total of 90 brands. Three of my favorites: Market and Spruce, 41 Hawthorn and Pixley are doing plus sizes for the first time through Stitch Fix and KILLING it.

So, designers, listen to me because you have got to want some of that $20.4 billion in plus size sales and we want to give it to you or listen to Tim Gunn and just stop insulting us. I can do math, DRESS BARN.

We’re Not Talking About It

If you look at my Chrome browser at home you’ll find two tabs open: Gmail and the google search result for the gif of Lenny Kravitz’ penis busting through his pants at a concert in Sweden back in 2015. The gif has been open in my browser ever since I mentioned it to my boyfriend and gasped in horror at him never having seen it. The search for an uncensored version online was extensive and I’m scared I’m going to lose it forever.

For those that haven’t seen the gif and are unable to find it without the sweating/laughing emoji over it, Kravitz is playing his hit “Fly Away” (too many jokes), squats down at the edge of the stage to play to the audience, his pants rip and his dong just bungee jumps out of his pants and right back up in the blink of an eye. (Note: I swear I saw one gif with Britney Spear’s face over it. I didn’t have the sound on, but if it didn’t say “It’s Britney, bitch” when it escapes, what’s the point?)

It’s not that I like looking at Lenny Kravitz penis and if he had come forward and said “Guys, don’t look at that, please. I’m so embarrassed,” I gladly would close the browser. John Mulaney’s George St. Geegland from Oh, Hello! mentions the incident in their Broadway show and notes that “this did not get enough attention at the time.” Let’s give it some attention.

This image is funny for a million reasons. Sometimes I sit and watch it and make “BOIIIING!” noises or try to imitate a slide whistle. Other times I just marvel at how brazen and shy something can be at the same time. Often I’m reminded of my trip to America’s Stonehenge where I saw an alpaca’s penis for the first time, which is just like a human penis, you’re welcome.

Other times I’m amazed. How did this even happen? It just dick punches through his leather pants. Leather is made from cow hide, which keeps a cows insides where they belong. I checked and no part of a cow, minus a prolapsed uterus or anus, has ever exploded through it’s own skin. Yes, prolapsed uterus and anus are known to slip out from time to time, but that happens with age to cows and to people. Be mindful of the whereabouts of your uterus and anus at all times! Someone will need to put it back in for you.

It’s almost poetic, the way it happens. Kravitz doesn’t miss a beat and continues playing, but I don’t really know what happened after that. I’m more focused on the gif and I will never close that browser window.

Anna Howard Shaw Day

Valentine’s Day has to be the single worst day of the year.  It’s the only holiday where you may end up eating alone when you’re supposed to be eating with someone. Every other holiday has this – even MLK day is good for a round of beers with some friends.

Additionally, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be spending the day with someone aside from your co-workers (who receive flowers) or your friends (who post pictures on Facebook of flowers) or the cashier at Market Basket (who looks at you when you purchase yourself flowers).


“Is there a MRS Kool-Aid man?”


Here’s a list of red non-Valentine’s Day related things to enjoy: Clifford the Big Red Dog, Starbucks Holiday cups (circa 2015), Redd Foxx, stop signs, the Staples ‘Panic’ button, Simply Red, sunburns, Red Robin and red wine. Lots and lots of red wine. I purposely omitted Red Hot Chili Peppers because they’re never enjoyable, but if you want to torture yourself more on this horrible day, be my guest! I’d thought about adding the Kool-Aid Man, but he might just be too sexual.


Those that have a significant other on this day say, “It’s no big deal. It’s just a stupid holiday that doesn’t mean anything.”

It does mean something, though, and maybe that attitude arises from the fact that they have someone that loves them every single day when, for some of us, it’s just a reminder that we don’t have that any day.


(Isn’t this a fun post so far?)

For some the day serves as a reminder of what you thought you had once. Maybe it reminds you that an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend you loved never really loved you at all. That they weren’t there for you: emotionally, physically, for more than a pre-determined amount of time, no matter what changes came up along the way, or for the reasons you thought. I don’t know anything about these situations, though, they’re perfectly hypothetical. At no point did an ex ever say something hurtful to me.

Maybe you’ve spent the last few months thinking that you’re not good enough, attractive enough or smart enough for anyone. I mean, maybe your partner basically told you you weren’t worth being treated as well as you’d always imagined being treated, on your birthday, during a family crisis.

And now it’s fucking Valentine’s Day. As if those “She’s your best friend and eats your farts and don’t you love her for consoling you on a porch?” Kay commercials for some fugly diamond heart-shaped Jean Seymour barf show weren’t bad enough, you have a whole day dedicated to this box-of-chocolates (diamonds) shit storm. A whole day to think about how you’ll continue doing things by yourself the majority of the time. A whole day of Lifetime meet-cute romantic movies where you start to think that maybe a gentleman will show up at your door spontaneously with some food because you’ve had a rough day.

Hang on, pizza’s here.


You know nothing about my heart, JS.


Okay, back.

A whole day to think about how you have never once been on the receiving end of a romantic gesture or had someone do something to make you happy … even when you were in a relationship. Replenishing K-Cups does not count as a “gift” if you drank them. (I mean, I *imagine* this is the kind of thing that *could* happen to someone but did *not* happen to *me*. I also absolutely was not given three types of cat hair removal devices on my birthday.)

So, here’s the deal. Treat yourself well every single day, because there are no guarantees that anyone is going to do that for you. Buy yourself flowers (but not the Jane Seymour necklace. Your heart, open or not, is fine.). Don’t deprive yourself of doing what you want to do because you don’t have anyone to share it with. It doesn’t matter: You’ll come back with cool stories to tell your friends. Spend time volunteering or advocating for a cause you believe in.

Cut yourself some slack. And, if someone ever treats you like less than what you deserve, distance yourself. You’ll be better off without that in your life.



[2017 Goals] Loving Yourself

The past four days I’ve provided some tips and tricks on life skills management that have served me well or have had noted success. Finding the best methods for yourself will take some trial and error, but that’s okay. Just keep trying new things until something sticks. Don’t expect to fail, but accept it if it happens and find a solution.

When we’re trying to change things in our personal lives we can often times feel defeated before we even scratch the surface. This can lead to a lack of motivation, depression or feelings that we’re not good enough and that we’ll never be successful in certain areas. Realizing and accepting that we might fail is a step in loving ourselves. We’re all flawed and have things to work on and that is okay.

Over our lifetimes we build relationships with many different types of people of varying closeness. Sometimes it can be difficult to see that a person in your life isn’t treating you the way they should be. You should be treated with love, respect, honesty and treated as an equal.

Relationships are give and take. Surround yourself with people that see your worth and treat you well. If you are putting all your energy into meeting someone else’s needs while getting nothing in return, move on. No amount of energy spent on them is going to change how they treat you and they’ll just continue to take advantage of you while you hold out hope for a change in behavior. They are too wrapped up in themselves to care about you at all and none of that is your fault or responsibility. It is not your job to help someone else love themselves. There are a lot of really wonderful and amazing people in this world, find them.

I know plenty of people right now that are feeling marginalized by the incoming Presidential administration because they’re threatening to take away rights. As a woman, I feel disrespected in terms of health care, decision making, equal pay and being treated as though my opinions and requests for what I need are brushed under the rug. We question our self worth when others tell us that we are wrong because of who are at the core. It’s demeaning when powerful people are working against you because they don’t like what you represent to them. Their ignorance can affect how we feel about ourselves. Love yourself.

Now, a quick extra exercise: Yesterday I was at a management training and they guided us through creating our management brand. Okay, yes, “brand” is a yucky word, but hear me out. Your brand is a short phrase that identifies individual management style by using the three words that describe who we are when we are at our best followed by two words for what we stand for. This was immensely helpful in figuring out my style and the results were not surprising.

If you get a chance this weekend take some time to think about those three words and what you stand for in your personal life. How are you when you’re at your best? What do you stand for? How do you want people to describe you? What do you want people to get out of interacting with you?

Hopefully these posts over the last few days have confirmed just how successful you are in your eyes. If you have work to do on yourself, just know that you’re not alone. We’re all struggling in some way and can support each other as we navigate our way to completely loving ourselves unconditionally because we’re all wonderful and have so much to offer.


[2017 Goals] Part Four: Organization

Because organization (and cleanliness) are forever on my to do list, I have a plethora of resources to send your way! This is going to blow your mind.

January Cure with Apartment Therapy
This is saving my life right now. Each day Janelle from Apartment Therapy emails me a new assignment to complete and I usually do them, but always mean to do them. Last week I cleaned out my pantry. It took 15 minutes. It was awesome! This isn’t overwhelming and not every task involves cleaning, but also planning. It’s getting me on the right track towards a more organized household.

Designate One Thing a Day to Toss
If mass clean outs aren’t your thing, take a decent sized box and add one item you no longer want or need to it every day. I know people that follow the In One, Out One method where they have to get rid of one item for every new one they bring in.

Scan Important Documents
Paper adds up and somehow multiples itself into multiple piles. If you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork and it’s taking up a lot of space, scan it and toss the paper. Paper statements are quickly being phased out and you can download your monthly statements with banks, electric companies, charge cards, internet.

While Konmari is fascinating, it has no place in my house. I like stuff and the memories associated with my stuff which meets the requirement of keeping clothing and items around that “spark joy.” She has a lot of great ideas about organizing (especially clothing) and showing appreciation for your items before you send them on to their next life.

But look at her house.


So, once you clean out your old clothes and belongings – what do you do with them?

I’ve written about ThredUp before. It remains one of my favorite places to do second-hand online shopping. If you’re itching to get rid of clothes, accessories and shoes but don’t have a drop off place nearby, request a free clean out bag from ThredUp. Send them whatever you have and they’ll recycle the clothing they can’t sell and sell the others on their website. You only end up with 10% of what they sell the item for, but it’s credit you can cash out or use towards future purchases. Plus, it’s hassle free.

Use this online hand me down system to just give your stuff away. I’ve seen some crazy stuff posted on Freecycle and other buy nothing groups (check Facebook for these) so if you’re not sure someone will want it, it’s worth the effort.

This is also great for requesting items – either to have or borrow. And also keep a look out for things people are requesting, it may be a good opportunity to thin out your mug collection. You’ll be helping someone and reducing waste.

If you have CDs or DVDs taking up too much space, download the declutter app and scan your items. They tell you much they’ll pay you for each item and if you have a load to unload, it might add up to a decent amount of money. (Thanks to my Dad for discovering this one!)

Check out some other decluttering and organization apps that Real Simple put together. 



[2017 Goals] Part Three: Wellness

The decision to separate health and wellness was an easy one. At times we can feel so let down by our health struggles and our progress reaching person goals that it’s easy to get into a negative tail spin and let your own self care suffer. In order to take care of others, we need to take care of ourselves first. So many of us put others needs above our own, but when we do that we’re not at our best for ourselves or our loved ones.

For me, wellness has always been about being emotionally healthy while health had focused more on the physical aspect of caring for oneself. Everyone processes things differently. Some get their energy from social interactions while others get burnt out.

The good news is: You’re an adult! You can say ‘no’ to things and the best part is…You don’t even need a reason. You just don’t have to do shit you don’t want to do. How great is that!?

Been chatting with some friends today about just how stressful Trump’s first press conference has been. Anxiety, hopelessness, negative emotions. Take time to unplug and set some intentions. No television, social media, texting, etc. Just be present with yourself tonight and set some intentions for the year ahead.

Meditate, read, find down time
The last two months were crazy hectic. Between shopping, cooking, working, running to parties, pageants and all those holiday shenanigans, it’s common to feel the need to refresh and recharge. Do whatever you need to clear your mind and take care of yourself.

A Change of Scenery…
Finding time to take a vacation to recharge may be impossible due to many logistics, but it is so important to experience a change of scenery for a day or at least an afternoon. Take a quick road trip to an undiscovered town. If you’re in the city, get out and go hiking. If you’re in the ‘burbs, walk around the city and people watch.

There are so many different types of journals available. One of my favorites that Kim over at Domestocrat turned me on to is the One Line a Day journal, perfect for those that don’t have the time to sit and write out every thought, but want to commemorate the day. Bullet Journaling is a great way to combine journal/schedule/personal tracking into one artistic masterpiece. It’s yours to make up as you go.

Take Part in a New Activity
Everyone has that one thing they wish they could do, but don’t have the time or know how to go about doing it. Learn the thing! Find a class, watch a YouTube video, teach yourself, ask friends that already do the thing and ask them to show you how to do the thing. You’re not trying to become a pro-[the thing] so just do the thing when you can do the thing. No pressure, just fun. Do the thing!

Cut it out!
If something in your life is bringing you stress, find a way to change it. I know that sounds so basic, but hear me out. Often times we feel like we are stuck where we are and with what we have. If you find yourself in a toxic environment whether it be work, friendships, romantic relationships etc – Find your way out. This is one of those instances where you need to put your needs above others and do what is truly best for you. Once you cut out that stress, oh man, it’s like a totally new perspective. Also, your never ending headache and anxiety goes away. Cool, right!?

Netflix and Chill
Understand when you need to take that time to stay home and binge watch Friends (again). It’s okay. You got this.


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