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#18 Go to the Mapparium


If you live in Boston or are visiting Boston any time soon, pay a visit to the Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. This three story glass globe created by Chester Lindsay Churchill is a bright, beautiful structure. It was constructed in 1935 and has never been updated. The Soviet Union is still represented, much of Africa was still possessed by France and Korea was labeled as “CHOSEN” on the map. 

Joe, Vincent, and I paid a visit yesterday afternoon. As we filed on to the glass bridge suspended through the center of the map, Joe and Vincent were immediately started by how their voices echoed as though they were in surround sound. “I think I can hear what women want,” Joe said as the voices of the other tourists danced around us. Even a tiny whisper could be heard by everyone. Also, if two people stood on opposite sides of the bridge and whispered, you could hear each other clearly. That’s how the three of us made our lunch plans. It was pretty awesome. And, thankfully, no one met up with us at Atwoods for a beer.

The tour cost $6 ($4 for students) and lasted about 15 minutes. Overall, I thought it was pretty cool. Standing inside of a globe that big was really amazing. As I noted above, the world was an entirely different place in 1935. Alaska and Hawaii had yet to become part of the United States. It’s even amazing to think how many more changes the world had gone through from 1935 until now. 

Thankfully there are no plans at this time to update the map and it will remain a gorgeous history lesson of the way the world used to be. 


We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so this picture of Joe and I with the sign is all the proof I have! 

#18 Go to the Mapparium – Completed 2/11/12