[WWE Cookbook] Godfather’s “Makin’ Pie is Easy” Chocolate Pie

Earlier this week I went to see Waitress (A New Musical) at the America Repertory Theatre in Cambridge. I love going to the theatre, but I’m also a giant critical douche because one of my majors in college was theatre. I love this musical. LOVE. I stuck around at the end for the Q&A featuring members of the cast who all stated that the show continues to be a work in progress to which audience members responded with “This was my [x] time seeing this play PLEASE DON’T CHANGE A THING IT’S PERFECT.”

So after watching pie makers sing pie songs and serve pie on a pie shaped stage, I wanted to make a pie. I was having company over for dinner and, for the first time in my life made a dessert.

After thumbing through the pie recipes and realizing that I don’t own a pie plate and didn’t feel like buying one, I settled on The Godfather’s “Makin’ Pie is Easy” Chocolate Pie because nothing says Netflix and chill more than a shitload of dairy. Plus, when you’re trying to impress someone, you go with the easiest possible thing to make that looks the most complicated. And if you’re me, you then explain how incredibly easy it was to make and ruin all the mystery.

Obviously you can tell what type of character The Godfather is by both his name and his pie catch phrase. Personally, I preferred him pre-pimp when he was working as Papa Shango, a voodoo shaman who casts spells on his opponents to make them vomit. Whose pie recipe would you rather make? One from a man that deals exclusively in pie or a man that will serve you a vomit spell pie?


There is nothing special about this pie. If you already know how to make a chocolate cream pie, skip this. Chances are your recipe has a little more pizzaz! Gathering the ingredients for the pie took far longer than making the pie itself. It calls for a pre-made chocolate pie crust which my local Market Basket happens to carry. (It’s an Oreo crust and is delicious.) I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the ingredients because I needed to assemble this rapidly. Mix the pudding, milk and cool-whip, pour into chocolate pie crust, put it in the fridge. I said I wasn’t going to post the recipes but you don’t know how much Cool Whip (one container) or milk (1 1/2 cups) or pudding packages (two) to use. Total assembly time: seven minutes.

IMG_5932Ta-da! I’m not doing Nutritional Information for this one because I have consumed far too many slices at this point to want to know, but you can lighten this by using low fat Cool Whip and skim milk, which I did.

Match Pairing 

This would be served best along side a 1999 Raw where The Godfather wins the WWF Intercontinental Championship for Goldust. (Fact: He was supposed to lose the title to Owen Hart a few weeks later at the Over the Limit PPV, but Hart had an equipment malfunction that resulted in his death.)

“It’s like a tiny chocolate rocket ship bringing celestial flavor explosion to your mouth from space.” -NASA

Win! For ease, cost and deliciousness! If you have small kids, make this with them and let them bring it to Thanksgiving and take all the credit like I am going to do as an adult woman in my 30’s.

This cookbook has a record of 1-1.


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