[WWE Cookbook] Sgt. Slaughter’s Reveille Coffee

Yesterday I was thumbing through this cookbook thinking that there couldn’t be more than 50 recipes to make, but I stopped counting once I got to 50 and realized that there’s probably 120. I had yet to tackle something from the drinks portion and since I was looking for an easy recipe using things I have on hand (I haven’t been grocery shopping in about two weeks) I settled on Sgt. Slaughter’s Reveille Coffee.

WrestleManiaVIIFirst a bit about Sgt. Slaughter. In my opinion, he is the most underrated wrestler from that era and one of the greatest talkers in the business.  He became one of the most hated characters ever as a result of turning his back on America during the Gulf War and aligning himself with General Adnan. Things got so bad IRL for the Sarg that he would wear a bullet proof vest and travel with security whenever out in public. I remember watching Wrestlemania VII and screaming at the television when Sgt. Slaughter came out to face Hogan. Hogan had to win FOR AMERICA. This match, as well as the Macho Man/Ultimate Warrior retirement match from the same Wrestlemania, are two of the greatest storytelling matches. We need more of that.

This recipe is simple. Just add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon for every two cups of coffee you’re going to make in your Mr. Coffee. Since I rely on my single cup Keurig brewer I had to improvise a little bit. Now, this may not have been the most thought out plan since it was early morning after a hot night of biostats and I hadn’t had any coffee yet because I needed to figure out how to make my coffee.

You need two things!

You need two things!

I poked a weird hole in my Cinnabon K-Cup and just dumped as much Cinnamon in it as I could. Genius, right? Also, secrets out I love cinnamon. Well aside from getting it all over my counter and having it leak a little over the sides of the Keurig due to the sizable hole I created, it was a success. A delicious success.

Now, why on earth would you want to add Cinnamon to your coffee? Unless you’re obsessed with it, like I am, there are tons of health benefits. According to this story in Greatist:

  • Replacing your sugar and cream with cinnamon will reduce your morning cup o’ joe by 70 calories.
  • If you’re Type II diabetic, a teaspoon of cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels and total cholesterol levels.
  • It slows digestion and boosts metabolism while supporting digestive health.
  • Increases circulation, reduces joint pain, stiffness and inflammation.
  • Strengthens immune system by enhancing antioxidants.
Weird hole.

Weird hole.

Match Pairing
Served best with a 1991 Royal Rumble World Heavyweight title match. 

Win! Guys!!! Why haven’t we been adding cinnamon to our coffee this whole time!? It’s barely noticeable, tastes like fall (and probably winter, too) and is good for your body. I’m sure there are people already touting this as a “life hack.”

This cookbook is now 2-1.

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