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[WWE Cookbook] Stephanie’s Tasty Greenwich Apples

One of the things that I find stressful and exciting about hosting is making sure that the dishes I prepare meet the dietary needs of my friends. For one of the most recent gatherings I had I wanted to make sure that I had enough snacks on hand for my vegan and gluten free friends.

Trying to stick with recipes from this cookbook was challenging, but when I came across Stephanie’s Tasty Green Apple recipe, I decided to give it a shot even though it is super weird.


The daughter of WWE CEO, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon wasn’t handed her opportunities with the company. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Communications, she started as a receptionist and account executive before moving on to become the Director of Creative Television in 2002. She served as Senior and Executive Vice President from 2010 until she began her current role as Chief Brand Officer in 2013.

On television, she’s a former Women’s Champion and General Manager. These days she leads The Authority with her husband, Triple H, acting like a cool mom and slapping Brie Bella for existing. It’s great.

She made $100 million last year. Welcome to the Queendom.



Lately I haven’t been that great at planning my time and have packed my days with multiple activities. My family came up the morning of my gathering to take some of my old furniture. I got to spend some time with my awesome seven year old niece who wanted to help me make this instead of staring at my cat under the couch.

She washed the grapes and apple while I dumped what was ready in the pan. I taught her how to measure liquid and let her pour the orange juice all over. I dumped way too much cinnamon on top of everything and she let me know that. When she asked me why I was taking a picture, I said it was so I could remember it. She grabbed her mom’s phone and also took a picture. It was a cool moment.

So, I’m not really sure how this was supposed to turn out. I followed all the directions and flawless measured the ingredients, but the liquid never absorbed into the fruit. I put this in the oven a few times before I eventually gave up and just left it on the stove.

I didn’t bother serving this because my friends brought over so much delicious food. When I finally heated up a cup of this in the microwave, I was really overwhelmed. Apples should be served solo or with peanut butter (JIF Salted Caramel, preferably) and grapes should be served with brie. Everything should be served with brie.

This recipe is pretty lame, so you’re going to want to watch something engaging while you try to enjoy it. I highly recommend Stephanie’s match against Brie Bella at Summer Slam 2014, but any of her wedding ceremonies would work, too. If you’re looking to watch her get ripped apart, watch her segment with The Rock and Ronda Rousey from this past Wrestlemania.

Also, I’m 90% sure that the title of this recipe has something to do her with her boobs.

This cookbook has a record of 7-3.