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[WWE Cookbook] Kevin Kelly’s Breakfast Quiche

Honestly, I was really worried about how this particular recipe was going to work out. Quiches and frittata’s tend to be based around vegetables of substance, but this particular quiche only relied on basil and is crustless. Since I was serving this for book club, I was terrified as to how this was going to turn out and if it would be enough to serve my guests (alongside The Rock’s Pancakes.)

Thankfully, it was a hit! I’m sure you could add some of your own veggies to make it hearty, but serve this alongside some fruit and you have a very healthy breakfast – and a happy book club – I think!


Kevin Kelly was a ring announcer and manager for WWE from the mid-90’s to 2003. Wikipedia tells me that The Rock made fun of him a whole bunch and he was part of the controversial “Pillman’s Got a Gun” segment. Kelly has been working as an announcer for Ring of Honor since 2010. He also makes a bomb quiche.


Ah, crap. 

Oh! Add some mozzarella and tomato to make for a truly memorable quiche experience. Oh! I just realized I should’ve used fresh basil and not the shaky stuff from the container. Whoops! Still good though!


This cookbook has a record of 7-2.

(If you have some time on your hands google “Kevin Kelly wrestling quiche” and just try to figure out exactly what it all means.)