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[WWE Cookbook] Brooklyn Brawler’s Artichoke Chicken

After discovering this lost gem within my cookbook collection, I have decided to cook my way through Can You Take The Heat?: The WWE is Cooking!, the official cookbook of the Attitude Era. 

Credit: Knock Out Nation (knockout nation.com)

Credit: Knock Out Nation (knockout nation.com)

Our first installment, which I randomly selected by flipping through the book and stopping on a page, is the Brooklyn Brawler’s Artichoke Chicken. Now, I’m not entirely sure if all of these recipes actually come from the wrestlers themselves, but the Brawler’s recipe began with a dedication to a friend who had passed, so I am presuming this is legit.

Brawler was a staple in the WWE from 1983 until the mid 1990’s wrestling as enhancement talent. Now, you can find Brawler backstage at WWE events producing all those awkward backstage segments. As you will read below, this recipe is a total jobber, like Brawler, it’s just there to add protein to something more flavorful.

I am disappointed that it’s not called the Arti-REAR CHOKE HOLD Chicken. Do I have to do everything? There are almost no puns in this book and the majority of recipes don’t even seem to jive with the wrestler’s persona. More about that as we cook our way through!

Let me preface this by saying I am not creative in the kitchen and am very clumsy. When I flipped through the book, I was happy to see that the ingredients and steps were really very basic. This recipe fits that description. Some of the ingredients I already had on hand and the rest were easy to find in the grocery store. The most difficult part of this recipe was finding 4oz of artichoke hearts (with oil) at my local grocer. After an extensive search I was able to locate it in the International Foods aisle in a 6oz container. I used the entire thing because I’ve been doing Biostatistics all day and I don’t want to do any more math.

Some legal thing will probably happen if I post the actual recipe, but here are the ingredients!

That bottle of Charles Shaw is probably 6 months old. Does white wine lose it's power?

That bottle of Charles Shaw is probably 6 months old. Does white wine lose it’s power?


I dumped way too much flour on the chicken which may have been a big mistake. I need better attention to detail when I am cooking.I also should’ve thrown in some salt and pepper to enhance the flavor, I guess.

The recipe calls for cooking half the chicken in a frying pan, dumping it into a roasting pan and repeating the same with the other half. I used a 12″ cast iron skillet and was able to fry all the chicken at once, dump other stuff in and put it in the oven.

The Result
It was pretty bland which can be blamed on me and not the Brawler. The recipe calls for garlic salt and I used the garlic powder I had on hand instead. Lesson learned! 

IMG_5922I served it over broccoli instead of grains. It’s grey. The chicken and the artichokes bled together to form one unappetizing color. I wonder if it could’ve been done without coating the chicken in flour since the gravy does not really enhance the final product.

Nutritional Information

This yields 4 servings. Each serving is 9 weight watcher points or about 377 calories (I used a very loose recipe builder to obtain these Nutrition Facts so the recipe may be lower in calories.)

 Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.05.05 PM

Match Pairing 
Since this was a little bland I recommend the 1989 Saturday Night Main Event (March 11 episode vs Red Rooster) or a 1993 Raw (December 13 vs Bret Hart.)

A non-title LOSS! There are many pros to this recipe: cheap, packed with protein, quick and easy to make, but it’s GREY. I didn’t like it enough to make it again.

This cookbook has a record of 0-1.