One year ago most of us woke up massively hungover with very little sleep. Maybe we woke up around 4am, opened the CNN app saw “PRESIDENT TRUMP,” thought “haha no way” and went back to sleep only to wake up, open the CNN app and see “PRESIDENT TRUMP.”

We’ve all come up with our own ways to cope over the last year. There’s been venting our frustrations through crying, punching (things, not people) and yelling at people via ALL CAPS on social media. Part of my coping was turning to YouTube. I find ear wax removal and ingrown hair videos meditative and satisfying, but I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’m presenting to you my favorite, hilarious videos and clips that were all a flicker on my phone, computer and television screen for the last twelve months.

Here they are presented in random order. It is my gift to you and I hope they bring a smile to your face while you wait for Betsy DeVos to hand in her resignation.

Stephen Colbert // The Colbert Report // Munchma Quchi

Amy Sedaris once told a story about the rare time Colbert broke character at Second City and proceeded to go ape shit in the back hallway over his disappointment. That makes this clip all the more enjoyable. (Go to 2:22 in the clip)

Saturday Night Live // The Californians

And speaking of people cracking up….

Eric Kelly // Boxing Lessons

If you watch one video, please let it be this one. There are so many quotes in this five minute jewel. Most notably, “Everything is not for everybody.” A friend of mine introduced this to me a few years ago and it’s one of the funniest and, strangely, most inspiring clips I’ve seen.

Jurassic Park Theme Song // Melodica Cover

Just listen to it.

Kane (WWE) // Hard Fart Victory

WWE’s Big Red Machine meant to “hard fought victory” – it’s a great seven seconds.

Saturday Night Live // Haunted Elevator (Featuring David S. Pumpkins)

This came at the perfect time.

Mr. Show // The Story of Everest

This is my favorite Mr. Show sketch.

Mr. Show // The Audition

This is my second favorite Mr. Show sketch.

Tina Fey and Leonardo DiCaprio // Supermodel’s Vagina

I think about this at least twice a day. 

And finally….

Larry David/Saturday Night Live // Goodnight

Summing Up How We All Feel



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