Premme Fresh

This morning I woke up early so I could get my grubby little mitts on two exclusive items from Premme, a plus size clothing website that launched this morning and features the designs of IRL BFFs Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. These two ladies have been fashion and home decor heroes of mine for over five years and I have been waiting this collaboration even though I never really expected it. It’s like season four of Arrested Development only way, way better and in no way absolutely disappointing. (Yes, I watched it only once when it came out and I will watch it again someday.)


Gabi Greg and Nicolette Mason of Premme. 

A few years back Gregg launched her own swimsuit line, exclusively sold through Swimsuits for All, consisting mostly of bikinis and, you know what? It sold out within hours. I wore my galaxy-kini to the beach and this dude (in a thick Boston accent) yelled “Yo! You look like you’re from space or something. Love that.” It felt nice to be complimented on what I was wearing instead of trying to hide under a monstrous t-shirt because the only bathing suit available was either a tankini or an animal print one piece with a skirt. While those items aren’t my jam, I understand that they may be someone elses. It’s more the lack of options available for curvy girls with a little fashionista just waiting to emerge into a one piece jumper.

Growing up finding clothes was difficult and the lack of availability combined with having to shop in different sections from my friends greatly impacted how I felt about myself. Clothing is a basic human necessity and being unable to find something that fits, let alone makes me feel confident, makes you feel like you’re not enough. You don’t deserve to look good and you should be punished for it.

Premme is important because for the first time two women that have made careers out of blogging about fashion have launched a plus size clothing line. Majority of mainstream fashion designers don’t want to make extended sizes because they feel their designs don’t translate well onto larger, voluptuous canvasses, but what they fail to do is design anything with the larger lady in mind. I’m not mad at these designers, I get it. It’s much easier to design something that fits 0-12 and can look flattering on all those sizes, but I am challenging designers to get more creative. You can do this.

Asos and Eloquii have fabulous lines, but can only be purchased online and have whack return policies. Old Navy offers it’s plus size line only online as well. I love Target because they have mannequins in all sizes and carry the Ava and Viv line (which Mason and Gregg offered feedback on) where I can get the staple items I need without breaking the bank.  Can we talk about Dress Barn for a minute? They carry many of the same items in sizes 0-30, but DIVIDE THE STORE IN HALF starting at a size 14. Seems dumb, right? Well, it’s because they charge about $6-8 more for the same item in a plus size. Dress Barn is fired and they do not get a link.

We’re ready to be surprised. Any designer or store that sells fashionable plus size clothing will be welcomed with open arms. Just look at Stitch Fix. They saw the light and started offering plus size items from their designers created exclusively for Stitch Fix for a total of 90 brands. Three of my favorites: Market and Spruce, 41 Hawthorn and Pixley are doing plus sizes for the first time through Stitch Fix and KILLING it.

So, designers, listen to me because you have got to want some of that $20.4 billion in plus size sales and we want to give it to you or listen to Tim Gunn and just stop insulting us. I can do math, DRESS BARN.


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