[2017 Goals] Loving Yourself

The past four days I’ve provided some tips and tricks on life skills management that have served me well or have had noted success. Finding the best methods for yourself will take some trial and error, but that’s okay. Just keep trying new things until something sticks. Don’t expect to fail, but accept it if it happens and find a solution.

When we’re trying to change things in our personal lives we can often times feel defeated before we even scratch the surface. This can lead to a lack of motivation, depression or feelings that we’re not good enough and that we’ll never be successful in certain areas. Realizing and accepting that we might fail is a step in loving ourselves. We’re all flawed and have things to work on and that is okay.

Over our lifetimes we build relationships with many different types of people of varying closeness. Sometimes it can be difficult to see that a person in your life isn’t treating you the way they should be. You should be treated with love, respect, honesty and treated as an equal.

Relationships are give and take. Surround yourself with people that see your worth and treat you well. If you are putting all your energy into meeting someone else’s needs while getting nothing in return, move on. No amount of energy spent on them is going to change how they treat you and they’ll just continue to take advantage of you while you hold out hope for a change in behavior. They are too wrapped up in themselves to care about you at all and none of that is your fault or responsibility. It is not your job to help someone else love themselves. There are a lot of really wonderful and amazing people in this world, find them.

I know plenty of people right now that are feeling marginalized by the incoming Presidential administration because they’re threatening to take away rights. As a woman, I feel disrespected in terms of health care, decision making, equal pay and being treated as though my opinions and requests for what I need are brushed under the rug. We question our self worth when others tell us that we are wrong because of who are at the core. It’s demeaning when powerful people are working against you because they don’t like what you represent to them. Their ignorance can affect how we feel about ourselves. Love yourself.

Now, a quick extra exercise: Yesterday I was at a management training and they guided us through creating our management brand. Okay, yes, “brand” is a yucky word, but hear me out. Your brand is a short phrase that identifies individual management style by using the three words that describe who we are when we are at our best followed by two words for what we stand for. This was immensely helpful in figuring out my style and the results were not surprising.

If you get a chance this weekend take some time to think about those three words and what you stand for in your personal life. How are you when you’re at your best? What do you stand for? How do you want people to describe you? What do you want people to get out of interacting with you?

Hopefully these posts over the last few days have confirmed just how successful you are in your eyes. If you have work to do on yourself, just know that you’re not alone. We’re all struggling in some way and can support each other as we navigate our way to completely loving ourselves unconditionally because we’re all wonderful and have so much to offer.



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