[2017 Goals] Part Four: Organization

Because organization (and cleanliness) are forever on my to do list, I have a plethora of resources to send your way! This is going to blow your mind.

January Cure with Apartment Therapy
This is saving my life right now. Each day Janelle from Apartment Therapy emails me a new assignment to complete and I usually do them, but always mean to do them. Last week I cleaned out my pantry. It took 15 minutes. It was awesome! This isn’t overwhelming and not every task involves cleaning, but also planning. It’s getting me on the right track towards a more organized household.

Designate One Thing a Day to Toss
If mass clean outs aren’t your thing, take a decent sized box and add one item you no longer want or need to it every day. I know people that follow the In One, Out One method where they have to get rid of one item for every new one they bring in.

Scan Important Documents
Paper adds up and somehow multiples itself into multiple piles. If you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork and it’s taking up a lot of space, scan it and toss the paper. Paper statements are quickly being phased out and you can download your monthly statements with banks, electric companies, charge cards, internet.

While Konmari is fascinating, it has no place in my house. I like stuff and the memories associated with my stuff which meets the requirement of keeping clothing and items around that “spark joy.” She has a lot of great ideas about organizing (especially clothing) and showing appreciation for your items before you send them on to their next life.

But look at her house.


So, once you clean out your old clothes and belongings – what do you do with them?

I’ve written about ThredUp before. It remains one of my favorite places to do second-hand online shopping. If you’re itching to get rid of clothes, accessories and shoes but don’t have a drop off place nearby, request a free clean out bag from ThredUp. Send them whatever you have and they’ll recycle the clothing they can’t sell and sell the others on their website. You only end up with 10% of what they sell the item for, but it’s credit you can cash out or use towards future purchases. Plus, it’s hassle free.

Use this online hand me down system to just give your stuff away. I’ve seen some crazy stuff posted on Freecycle and other buy nothing groups (check Facebook for these) so if you’re not sure someone will want it, it’s worth the effort.

This is also great for requesting items – either to have or borrow. And also keep a look out for things people are requesting, it may be a good opportunity to thin out your mug collection. You’ll be helping someone and reducing waste.

If you have CDs or DVDs taking up too much space, download the declutter app and scan your items. They tell you much they’ll pay you for each item and if you have a load to unload, it might add up to a decent amount of money. (Thanks to my Dad for discovering this one!)

Check out some other decluttering and organization apps that Real Simple put together. 




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