[WWE Cookbook] Steve Blackman’s Serious Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce can be a polarizing topic. Thin or chunky. Meaty or Vegetabley. Everyone seems to have a personal preference. Recipes have been handed down for generations helping formulate a preference.

I didn’t grow up with a family sauce. We usually bought the Prego with mushrooms which was fun and what I continue to buy to this day. The idea of making my own tomato sauce seemed daunting. Grandmothers in movies continually had family members tasting their creations to gauge their known perfection. I didn’t have to have anyone taste Prego with mush
rooms. No secret recipe of ingredients. Just me, Prego and mushrooms…and whatever I was putting it on. (Secret: Usually a pizza or eggplant parm. I don’t like pasta.)

When I read the ingredients for Steve Blackman’s Serious Marinara sauce it seemed easy enough. Three major ingredients (onions, garlic, tomatoes) combined with olive oil, oregano, basil and optional salt and pepper.

The Serious descriptor came from Blackman always playing the straight guy in his tag teams. He was super serious. How serious?



Wrestler/Martial Artists/Bail Bondsman Steve Blackman spent time with WWF from the mid-80’s until about 2002. His Martial Arts expertise became his gimmick and was instrumental in his holding of the WWF Hardcore Title.

The title was to be defended 24 hours a day, seven days a week and was often won through backstage sneak attacks instead of in-ring competition. Blackman was able to defend himself with his MMA prowess and intermittently retained the title for six months before losing it to Raven in December 2000.

You also may have seen this absolutely bananas moment at 1:20:

I said he was super serious, you guys!!



Step One: Make sure when you cut the onions, you get them all over your floor.






Step Two: Cut up all the shit, put it in a pot, snap a picture and then don’t take another picture.





The plan was to use the sauce along with Christian’s Eggplant Parm Recipe, but the sauce came out tasteless, chunky and watery. I planned to grind it up in my food processor, but I was really hungry by the time this sauce was done so I used Prego with Mushrooms instead.


So, meh, even though this one failed, I may be responsible, but it seems unlikely. This cookbook now has a record of 14-5.




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