Red Card

“I’m going to start handing out red cards to people doing things I don’t like,” I said out loud to my cat. Then I google searched for an image of a red card even though it seems easy enough to make, because I’m too tired. Tired of crap.

red-cardAfter I graduated college I spent my summer doing contract work for a company that needed me to drive around and (hopefully) get carded when I asked to buy cigarettes or alcohol. If they asked to see my ID, I gave them a green card and left. If they didn’t, red card. I could not say anything to them after I gave the card. Yes, I had people scream in my face and follow me to my car, but I was wearing a Care Bear t-shirt, glow in the dark jewelry and had my hair in messy pigtails. I made it as easy as possible and they still didn’t get it. But I didn’t have to talk to them. Instead, there was a phone number on the back they could call for more information.

I’m going to bring back the red card practice on a personal level. I’m just tired of people arguing with each other. It’s reached a point where we are arguing for nothing. I made a comment on a blog post that praised the authors view point and someone commented that I didn’t get the primary reason for the post. The post we agreed on and that I did wholeheartedly understand and agree with. What’s the point? I would give him a red card.

What constitutes a red card? Here are some of the messages that red card recipients will hear when they call in.

  • Freedom of speech means that you can say whatever you want without being thrown in jail. You are still responsible for what you say and should be able to explain yourself when people question you. You can also just not talk.
  • Religious freedom means you can practice your religion in a public space without being thrown in jail. It does not extend to whether or not you’ll make a gay couple a wedding cake. That’s just bad business. However, if it’s that important to you, refuse to make the cake and let that couple give their hard earned money to someone who thinks it should be the happiest day of their lives and not serve a cake to their guests made by a grade A bigot.
  • Do not tell women they need to smile. You are owed nothing.
  • Child molesters and rapists are monsters. No one is disagreeing with you on that, but the bathroom bill is not about allowing those types of people in the bathroom. It’s about protecting a transgendered persons right to be able to use the appropriate bathroom without being subjected to mental or physical abuse. That monster sociopath rapist is going to follow you into the bathroom regardless of the law because they are a sociopath. If you’re that worried, poop at home like the rest of us do. Please educate yourself and pass it on to your kids.
  • Talk to your children about the way the world is changing. They’re not born bigots – it’s learned behavior. Make a positive influence on their beliefs and be a stellar role model.
  • I get it. You hate Hillary and love Bernie. Stop making us all so miserable by talking about why you hate Hillary. Talk about why you love Bernie. You can also just not talk.
  • We have the same opinion. Why are you arguing with me?
  • You know you would also benefit from a social democratic presidency, right? Do you think people in Denmark waste their time talking about this shit? They’re too busy being happy.
  • Yes, all lives do matter, but #blacklivesmatter is an important movement to draw attention to the structural violence that black people face on a daily basis. Be grateful you have no basis for comparison in your own life and show some compassion to those that do. Innocent people are being killed and you’re not hearing about that enough.
  • Stereotypes aren’t funny even if you think they’re positive. People are so much more than what you’ve heard about their race/culture. Idiot.
  • I’m sorry that you felt that Beyonce’s video for “Formation” was a slap in the face to law enforcement. Maybe you wouldn’t be so butt hurt about it if there wasn’t some truth in her message, right? Continue to be a great cop so less shit like that happens.
  • There are traffic signals for a reason. Please don’t leave your house if you refuse to acknowledge them. Working from home is pretty great and can be lucrative!
  • Wrestling isn’t fake, it’s scripted. They’re tremendous athletes and story tellers that are at real risk for severe injury.
  • Abortion is a very polarizing subject. I’m sorry if you have had to go through with one or are rattled by the very act itself based on your beliefs. Planned Parenthood did not sell fetuses. Please stop making abortions unattainable for the women that need them. It’s not your body or your business. Stop acting like it is. You have a choice as to whether or not abortion is the right option for you. That choice needs to exist because there are other people in the world and not just YOU.
  • If a person says “No,” they mean “No” regardless of when they say it. Yes, rapists need to know this, but apparently so do universities, law enforcement, our justice system and anyone else that should be on the victim’s side. Not persecuting a rapist tells him/her that their behavior was a-okay. Please don’t be a part of that problem.
  • #NoBostonOlympics
  • When women say they want equal rights, there’s always one dude who is like “So I should be able to punch you in face now. But you women will say oh no no no that’s not cool. If you want equality I should be able to hit you.” If being able to punch a women is the first thing you think about when the topic of feminism and equal rights are brought up go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do Not pass Go. Do not collect $200. You shouldn’t want to punch anyone in the face. Except Floyd Mayweather, but good luck with that.
  • Hey women, stop talking crap about other women. Lift them up. More than one person can be successful.
  • There’s a special place in hell for those that made racist comments about Malia Obama and her family’s educational background on that Fox News articles comments. FOX NEWS TOOK IT DOWN. THAT’S HOW TERRIBLE YOU ARE.
  • For the last time, gay marriage doesn’t mean people will be marrying sheep soon or whatever ridiculous new marriage law you think will come to fruition. It doesn’t ruin the “sanctity of marriage.” It strengthens it. Besides, what do you care? The worst thing that is going to happen is that you’re invited to a gay wedding and you choose not to go. You’re going to miss one hell of an awesome and loving celebration. Boohoo for you.
  • Gamergate: Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly but from what I understand those men feel threatened by women in the video game industry. Seems pretty unbelievable, right? Please find something better to do with your time like not ruining the lives of successful women. What the hell is wrong with you?

Maybe I could just sum it all up with one statement:

Please think about how you act and the way it affects others. If you wouldn’t say it to someone directly, don’t say it online. If you share hate for a specific group of people, please educate yourself before you form your own opinion. Most importantly, please be empathetic. Everyone is going through something you know nothing about. Be grateful you don’t have those struggles and be as supportive as you can in whatever way you can. We’re all in this together. Have a wonderful day.


3 responses

  1. I’m with you on every single point. But I read this on the toilet and then my legs got cold and I’m shivering and now that’s on you. HOW DARE YOU.
    [Please send my red card to Bumblebee Hollow, C/O the Troll Under the Porch].

  2. 100% in agreement, but the wrestling card made me guffaw.

  3. Very well written, I agree, but then again I’m evolving so fast I’m dizzy

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