WWE Cookbook: Sgt. Slaughter’s Mess Hall Dip

The only time it is ever appropriate to serve a dish that is 85% dairy, 10% meat and 5% chili is at a Super Bowl party.

This bowl of Meat Cheese probably weighed >7 pounds. I really wish I had weighed this thing. Of the seven pounds I brought, I left with six and a half. And so my addiction to Meat Cheese began.


Look at all that f-ing cheese, you guys!!

For days, I ate Meat Cheese. I ate it was pretzels, bread and tortilla chips but I mostly ate it by the bowl on it’s own. I would think about it while I was at work. Three more hours and then I can eat a bowl Meat Cheese.

It consumed me. It destroyed my microwave and blew threw the Magic Eraser I used to clean it. Chunks of ground beef on all sides. I should’ve scraped it off the sides and ate it.

I can never make this again. Ever. I can’t even have the ingredients in the house. I just bought some cream cheese and I know there is frozen ground beef in my freezer…Can I scrape together four cups of shredded cheese? I have brie…


Oh right, the wrestling part of this, I guess. Sgt. Slaughter blah blah blah you get the point.

The record is now 14-4.




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