WWE Cookbook JR’s Tex-Mex Stew

Another stew from good ol’ JR!

This recipe contains just a few of my favorite things: chickpeas, corn, BBQ sauce, beef, corn, black beans, salsa and (low-sodium) taco seasoning. Every ingredient rules and it goes in a slow cooker!

I meant to take a photo of this, and the thought did cross my mind every time I was eating it, but it was so delicious that by the time I finished my thought and went to grab my phone, it was gone.

Not totally convinced on how tasty it is yet? Check out this forum on BodyBuilding.com dedicated to the recipe.

fd7e7d33_Jim-Ross-308If you want to be a purist, head on over to JR’s Family BBQ Store to purchase his BBQ sauce. I had planned on using the bottle of Market Basket BBQ sauce I purchased for the recipe until my boyfriend reminded me that I had a jar of his mom’s homemade BBQ sauce which was so thick and flavorful. Delicious!

(Note: I’m obsessed with Market Basket so I tend to buy Market Basket brand items when I can to support their business. If you’re interested in learning more about Market Basket, their business model and the strike of 2014, please read this book. It’s great.)

In true fashion I messed up the recipe and added twice as many black beans as I should have, but that just meant there was more of the stew to eat and was not really a problem at all. Thanks to my newly acquired knife skills, I cut about 98% of the fat off the beef. I was really trying to make this as healthy as possible, but you know, BBQ sauce.

Another winner from JR! This cookbook has a record of 13-4.



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