[WWE Cookbook] J.R.’s Spicy Pork Stew


I’ve recently learned that my kitchen is not very well equipped for cooking. My boyfriend is an incredible cook with culinary imagination and refined knife skills. He looks like a professional chef chopping up fennel and knowing that fennel is an herb. I’m really great at topping off his wine glass and drinking the majority of the wine myself.

He knew about this project for a while and, to my surprise, thinks that it is pretty cool. After watching him thumb through it a number of times, I let him dog ear the recipes he’d be interested in cooking together. Of course he picked what I viewed as the most complicated recipes, but after paying attention to the recipe, actually thinking through what I was doing and listening to him explain how to do both of those things at the same time, we ended up with a nice little stew.

I really did my best to pay attention to what he technique and follow his lead, but in true WWE cookbook fashion, it went a little off the rails. When he went in the fridge to get some ingredients he asked, “Is there a reason why the Windex is in the fridge?” Honestly, I just forgot I put it in there. At his suggestion I used a kitchen towel in place of my trusty Pac-Man pot holder which left to him saying “Give that to me. You’re going to set it on fire.”

I did buy the correct pork. Giggled like a 12 year old the whole time.



jr.jpgJim Ross, or Good Ol’ JR as he was known to fans in the WWE, is responsible for this project so blame him. He’s the curator of this book and put a bunch of shit recipes* around his own personal delicious dishes.

By the time I started watching wrestling again, JR had long since retired. He briefly came back to feud with Michael Cole which resulted in a match at Wrestlemania where JR just dumped a shitload of his BBQ on Michael Cole. Jack Swagger was there, too. Why do I remember this?



This recipe intimidated me due to the sheer amount of ingredients, but I learned that doing things the right way and being meticulous takes a lot of the stress out of cooking.


Power Burner

We both really enjoyed the result. I plan on making this again taking into account everything I learned and will hopefully create a delicious dish of my own.

It’s a slobber knocker! This cookbook has a record of 12-4.

*jk most are pretty good!


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