[WWE Cookbook] Steven Richards’ “Uncensored” Banana Nut Bread

For the first time ever I had all the ingredients on hand to make a recipe. This is the first time I have ever spontaneously been prepared. Sure, I can be the type of gal to bang out a loaf of banana bread on Sunday afternoon.

Banana bread and I have had a love affair for as long as I can remember. My nana made FullSizeRender(6)incredible banana bread and always had a loaf for me to take home when we went for visits. My step mom’s is even better. It’s a little cakey on top and dense with bananas. I didn’t even want to try this recipe. How can I top that? Besides, if a banana bread recipe from a wrestling cookbook was better than my step mom’s what does this all mean? I didn’t want it to be good.

It wasn’t. I’m not sure if it’s just my stellar baking skills these past few weeks or if the recipe is junk. I didn’t have a sifter for the flour and, just like the cheese cake, I stirred the ingredients by hand mushing them into some banana garbage pile. I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was for this recipe. So much for Spontaneous Sundays.

So, what monster makes banana bread like this? Steven Richards’, who I could’ve sworn was William Regal. Seriously. Someone had to tell me that the book didn’t make a mistake. This Sunday was very tragic and eye opening for me.

01Richards’ founded Right to Censor which was a team consisting of The Goodfather (reformed pimp The Godfather), some other guy and eventually some other people too. They wore white shirts with ties, their entrance music was just large sirens and they came out as heels and spoke the truth – just like the heels of today do. WWE was oversexed, sexist and just insulting to everyone at times, but saying that gives you boos.

This faction had potential, but I wasn’t feeling it so that’s all the information you’re getting. Google it otherwise.

Look at the potential in that loaf. Look at that crumbling loaf thing on the right. A loaf of banana bread that I wouldn’t eat, but definitely did anyway.

Record: 10 wins, 4 losses.




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