2015 Concert Recap

Every year I like to do a quick write up of the shows I saw and link up a Spotify play list. I love being introduced to new music and will almost always take an extra ticket or be an accomplice to any live show. I’m excited to share this years list with you!

January 8th
Yacht Rock Review
The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA

YRR is a group of crooning gents from Atlanta who perform covers of classic 70’s and early 80’s jams. They sell captain’s hats at the show and there are tons of bro’s in nautical attire. It’s an absolute blast because they could play anything and everything they played was great. They even had a synchronized dance to “Call Me Al” – My heart!!

January 11th
Greenovate Boston 2014 Action Plan Launch Celebration
Artists for Humanity, Boston, MA

Guster is one of those bands I stumbled upon through other people. I have managed to see them on at least four other occasions when I hadn’t planned it. They put a great live show and it’s clear their fans are passionate.

We made friends with another girl in the audience who was there by herself and occasionally chatting with us. She mentioned she wanted to say hi to the band, but was nervous. So, we came up with a plan and escorted her over. She did great!

February 22nd
House of Blues, Boston, MA

Sleater-Kinney was a bucket list band for me. Back in 2005, I thought they broke up for good, but they came back. They always come back. Their latest album No Cities to Love is fantastic and a little more poppy than their previous. They closed with my favorite (“Sympathy”) so it was the perfect way to see them.

The crowd was dead though. I’m just going to believe they were transfixed and frozen in the bass lines.


April 22nd
Speedy Ortiz
The Sinclair, Boston, MA

After everything I had heard about Speedy Ortiz I needed to see them. I’d missed them a bunch of times at Great Scott, but I love The Sinclair so it worked.

Okay, unpopular opinion, I thought they were terrible, but, again, the crowd was also m’eh. No one seemed like they wanted to be there. I know they’re going to be big soon so I hope they work out the performance tweaks and rock people’s faces off.

May 17th
Great Scott, Allston, MA

It had been a long, long time since I had been to Great Scott that I forgot how perfect it is for more intimate performances. Tennis is one of those bands you want to watch perform. It’s passionate and intense. They were fantastic.

May 22nd-24th
Beck, Tove Lo, Run the Jewels, The Pixies, Tenacious D, Vance Joy, Lucius
Boston Calling,  City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA

I’ve started buying the three day pass for Boston Calling before the line up is even announced because it’s $130 for three days instead of $75 for an individual days once it’s announced.

May had some fantastic acts. I’d always wanted to see The Pixies. Vance Joy was wonderful. I had to leave Run the Jewels early because I got a contact high and had to go home to get ready for a wedding.

Without a doubt the greatest act there was Beck. I’m not a huge Beck fan, but I expected a decent performance based on what I’ve seen over the years. He played for an hour and a half. All his hits, just as much new stuff and some deep cuts (“Debra”). I was completely mesmerized by Beck and never wanted it to end.

May 8th
San Fermin
The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA

I’m just going to cut and paste what I wrote last year, because it was pretty much deja vu with the exception of the super drunk girl who ran me down, grinded with the giant speaker next to me and then cried until the show ended.

They’re incredible. When I’m asked about this show, I place my hand on my chest and gasp before speaking. They’re that good. Plus, practically every member favorited my instagram photo of their performance. BFFs now with San Fermin.

And, yes, they favorited all my Instagram photos again. Besties 2016!

July 30th
Steely Dan and Elvis Costello
Bank Boston Pavilion, Boston, MA

I took my dad to this show for his birthday because I know how much he loves Steely Dan. We’d gone to see them together back in 2001, but he hadn’t seen them since. Since I’m a person that will see an artist repeatedly, I wanted him to see them again. Plus, I’ve become more familiar with them over the last 15 years and find myself in moods where I want to listen to their specific sound only.

With the addition of Elvis Costello, there was no chance I was missing this show. Another bucket list artist who was as wonderful as I imagined. Dad actually ended up appreciating him, too.

The crowd was surprisingly diverse, but mostly consisted of Old Dads. I tried to fit in as best I could.


September 25-27th
The Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, Of Monsters and Men, Chvrches, Father John Misty, Twin Shadow
Boston Calling, City Hall Plaza

I spent my birthday weekend at Boston Calling yelling “It’s my BIRTHDAY!” constantly for comedic purposes. I also ate a ton of Tasty Burger because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

There was a lot of sit in that weird wood teepee and chill time during this weekend. During Ben Howard’s set we sat in the adirondack chairs set up behind the plaza and watched the Putin interview on 60 Minutes with no sound. So chill.

The Avett Brothers were delightful and opened with “Bring Your Love to Me” which made my eyes water despite never hearing the song before. Of Monsters and Men put on a great show – did you know there’s a million people in that band? I’d been itching to see Chvches, who were adorable and ON POINT.

Twin Shadow was great. He’s one of those people that I hope gets huge, but then I also don’t because I’m not sure what would happen. I’m so selfish. Think Miguel with…I don’t know, but I should’ve had you at “Think Miguel.” Alabama Shakes closed it out with a rocking set while we all watched the super moon maybe try to end Earth and kill us all.

November 18th
Angel Haze
Middle East, Cambridge, MA

Maybe the reason why I wrote this entire years worth of concerts up is so that I could write about Angelhaze. All I want to do is listen to Angelhaze for the rest of my life. I want to live in one of her concerts. I want to dress like her and get away with saying all the shit she says in my daily life.

My friends and I were initially concerned that we weren’t dressed appropriately and we had no idea what was going to happen. MAGIC HAPPENED. ANGELHAZE HAPPENED!

All five feet of her ripped across the Middle East. She was on the stage running around, rapping her way down to the floor, getting people to form circles around her. The only way we knew she was fighting a bad cold was because she mentioned it to us. If that was Angelhaze on an off night, I’m not sure I could handle an on night.

This show wasn’t without embarrassment. I raised my hand to go up on stage as a dancer and immediately put it down when she came over to me, but then back up again when she turned her back towards me. Effective. Since you never know where she is, I was unaware that she was the one who put her hand on my shoulder to aggressively move me out of the way. I turned around ready to punch her, but was quickly given a look by my friend that said “It’s okay, Dana, it’s just Angelhaze.”

(Disclosure: I had a ticket to see Shamir this night, but went to Angelhaze instead. Not even up for debate.)

December 4th
Rebirth Brass Band
The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA

Two of my friends are huge Rebirth fans having seen them perform in New Orleans. While I was able to see some live music in New Orleans, I didn’t feel like it was enough. There’s something about that particular sound that is inspiring and positive while giving off a fun, care-free vibe.

They played three sold out shows while they were up here. Next time I’m in New Orleans, I’ll have to check them out at their residency.


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  1. So much music! I vow every year to try and see someone but usually don’t, other than classical. I’m excited to see Kacey Musgraves: The Country and Western Rhinestone Review! in February. (Like genuinely excited and the bf is being dragged along.)

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