[WWE Cookbook] Big Boss Man’s Refrigerated Dough Cookies

Isn’t the title of this recipe intriguing? If you find yourself asking ‘just what is a refrigerated dough ball?’ it’s cookie dough.

This recipe is going to the grocery store, buying refrigerated cookie dough and following the instructions on the package. That’s the RECIPE!

If you’re wondering how this happened, let me share the blurb from the WWE Cookbook…

The Big Boss Man knows his dough – the edible kind and, believe it or not, the bankable kind. This big country boy is a shrewd businessman who has relied on common sense and instinct to make several very profitable real estate deals down in Georgia.

Context helps, I guess.

1293133571_BigBossman007One of the things I miss these days is the character driven performers that gave you a reason to care. The Big Boss Man fought for justice, but sometimes he was a little too FOR JUSTICE and would handcuff his opponents to the ring post match and beat the daylights out of them with his night stick. I’ve heard it’s possible to get overzealous when you have power like that.

For one of the most popular characters, Boss Man didn’t hold a title until his second run with WWE in the late 90’s. He was part of the only “loser spends a night in jail” match against enormous dickhead The Mountie. Perhaps, my favorite moment of Boss Man’s career was when her interrupted the funeral of Big Show’s dad. (A young, leather clad Big Show helps make this as weird as it possibly could be.) Please watch this while you eat your cookies.

Okay, so I’ve made cookies like this a million times and there’s no possible way I can mess this up. I just need to buy refrigerated cookies.


Bake Straight from the Freezer!? Don’t worry – everything worked out okay. 


Both the dough and the cookies were delicious. And as an added bonus the dough came in perfect little circles that baked into perfect cookie circles!


Look at that round ass cookie!

This cookbook has a record of 8-3


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