[WWE Cookbook] Chyna’s Pico de Gallo

I’m a pretty lazy host when it comes to having things at my home. Generally, I buy some cheese, crackers, salsa, chips and try to bake at least one thing. Using this cookbook to cater my exclusive affairs has helped me think creatively when it comes to the menu.

And besides, salsa is way more fun to serve when the recipe comes from the only female Intercontinental Champion/eventual porn star/will never be the HOF because of that/but wait Hulk Hogan was in and he had a sex tape/yeah, but they took him out when his racism was exposed/oh okay, more wrestling misogyny, I guess, Chyna.

I served this as part of a Charity Knitting group that I host periodically. This first one was rather impromptu and small because grad school, but I hope to host more throughout the winter. We’re always seeking knitters to make scarves and scarf/yarn donations. Last winter we placed a little over 20 scarves in the areas of the city where the majority of homeless people congregate in an effort to help combat the bitter cold.

Chyna’s recipe was pretty intense and called for eight (!!!!) jalapeños. I bought three and ended up using two and it was still spicy as hell. I hadn’t added any salt or pepper, like it suggests, because I have a baby mouth, but a few attendees with a more sophisticated palette added the salt and pepper and made it much, much better for everyone.

Since I had a ton of this left over, I used 1/4 cup in my morning egg and cheese scramble until it was all gone. It was amazing.

Again, I didn’t take any pictures, but it probably looked like this:


I prefer my pico de gallo chunky because I am lazy and my knife skills are nonexistent. Yes, I absolutely used my goggles to cut the onions. 

This dish is best enjoyed watching Chyna shatter glass ceilings as the first female entrant of the Royal Rumble in 1999. (There have only been two other women: Beth Phoenix (2010) and Kharma (2012) Hoping for Sasha Banks (2016).

So, yeah, totally serve this at your next function. People will be impressed with your skills! You’ll be a hero! Bring some baked chips and NEVER bring Tostito’s “Touch of Lime” and you’ll be a hit!

This cookbook has a record of 6-2.


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