[WWE Cookbook] Shawn Michaels’ San Antonio Omelet

Believe it or not there are a few recipes in this cookbook that are healthy. I consider this to be one of those based on the veggie to butter ratio. Don’t be dissuaded though – this is a substantial omelet.

Wait, changed my mind. He's okay.

Wait, changed my mind. He’s okay.

I’ve always disliked Shawn Michaels. And, you know what? Now that you’re mad at me I’m also going to tell you I never really cared for Bret Hart, either. Shawn Michaels came on the scene in the early 1990’s as one half of The Rockers with Marty Janetty. I had such a crush on Marty Janetty with his brunette mullet and neon enthusiasm. Shawn Michaels lost what little love I had for him (which was purely due to his association with Janetty) when he tossed my beloved Janetty through the glass window of a barber shop. It’s really too painful to talk about.

Anyway, Michaels went on to have this incredible career that spanned over 20 years. He truly is one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time. He played a pivotal role in the Montreal Screwjob – the most controversial and real moment in pro-wrestling history. Alongside Triple H he helped to usher in the Attitude Era with risqué segments and establishing strong factions. He also sang his own theme song about being a “sexy boy.” So, storied career and all that. I think I’m still harboring some of that Janetty Resentment.

He overcame drug and alcohol addiction, an almost career ending back injury and both lost and found his smile. He’s one of the best storytellers in the ring. I became more familiar with his career as I began investigating when his right eye became lazy by watching matches. Thankfully, someone googled it at a party and told me so I could cease my research. I didn’t really want to find out on my own anyway…

So, the omelet…but first, another aside. I love San Antonio. Other than Boston it’s the only other city I have ever been able to call home. It’s home to the greatest basketball franchise, cascarones, Bill Miller BBQ and a baseball mascot called the Puffy Taco. It’s the best.

Okay, now you know the important things.

Fortunately, this recipe did not call for any flour so my mess factor was down by one billion percent. I wore a pair of chemistry goggles to cut the onions because I can’t cut onions without crying, touching my eyes and then screaming. It helped!  (A friend gave them to me in college because I wore them during the Patriots first Super Bowl game and they won. So, I had to wear them the next year…and the next year. They don’t need me anymore, but I’m totally taking credit for all 2001-2004 championships. You’re welcome.)

I haven't ruined anything yet.

I haven’t ruined anything yet.

A few thoughts about cutting vegetables:

  • Cutting tomatoes is difficult.
  • Why is celery in this recipe since it tastes like nothing?
  • Seriously, wear goggles when you cut onions.

The most challenging part of this recipe was physically turning this into an omelet. I can scramble with the best of them and after it slightly overcooked because I set off my very sensitive smoke detector, it had no choice but to become a scramble. I’m sure with some practice I can prefect the omelet flip, but I feel like that comes after being able to cut onions without yelling “TAKE ME TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM” to your cat.

This massive, three egg omelet is best paired with either of Shawn Michaels’ last Wrestlemania matches against Undertaker and not the segment where he throws Marty Janetty through that glass window. FullSizeRender(1)

This omelet is delicious! I would love it if the San Antonio omelet replaced the Denver omelet on all menus. Does anyone even order a Denver omelet? Is ham more popular than I think it is? (Serious question.)

FullSizeRender(2)Raise his hand in victory after stealing someone’s finishing move because this cookbook now has a record of 4-1.


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  1. We took a knife skills class at Sur La Table in Boston and it was great, it was all about veggies (Including celery, onions and tomatoes)! I’d definitely recommend it.

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