“Live Out Your Dreams”

The title of this entry does not come from an inspirational TED speaker, a motivational fit blog image, or one of those giant sticker quote collages that looks beautiful on a living room wall. It came from a tampon wrapper. Of course my reaction was not “What sage advice you have, tampon.” It was to roll my eyes. Knowing the fate of that tampon, it should be the last one dispensing advice about making your dreams come true.

You’re welcome for that.

Anyway,  it got me thinking. I’ve been reading and re-reading a few books lately about happiness. I don’t particularly like to lump an entire year as being good or bad, but for some reason 2013 did me wrong in such a way that around August I gave up on it and decided to make some changes. Of course I would now refer to this as FY2014 and not 2013 – that bitch is dead to me. Looking back though, it honestly wasn’t all that bad. I just wish that I was in an entirely different place professionally, financially, and relationshipy, but doesn’t everyone wish for a difference in one if not all of those things?

Here is the awesome thing. I totally got to do one thing that I have always wanted to do without even realizing it in the moment. If you haven’t read Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture, you need to stop everything right now and read it. If you’re not a reader, then stop what you’re doing and watch his presentation called Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” Pausch recounts experiences throughout his life where his creativity and thinking outside of the box helped him achieve his childhood dreams. He was finally able to experience his dream of zero gravity when he accompanied a group of Carnegie Mellon students to NASA’s Vomit Comet. However, faculty were not allowed to participate so he agreed to do a write up for a website and was granted permission as a member of the press. Zero gravity achieved.

I also got creative and thought outside of the box culminating in one of my childhood dreams: Become a professional wrestler.

This is where it gets tricky. I did not DDT anyone off a top rope or go one on one with Sara del Rey. I arm wrestled some broads for charity as part of Boston Arm Wrestling Dames. After their debut bout a few friends sent me links to an article they found on Boston.com and suggested I do it. The pageantry! The attention! The do-goodery! The WRESTLING! I immediately emailed the organizer and patiently waited for what felt like forever. As part of BAWD I would have a persona, entourage, and entrance music. Creating my persona of Macho Ma’am Brandy Savage was easy. Finding a few friends that wanted to be a part of my entourage was also surprisingly easy. The entrance music was tough. I felt like I needed to keep Macho Man’s original music, but that was boring and I would be the one person there it mattered to. I had the option of making my way to the table with any song I wanted introducing me. The logical choice was to go with my favorite wrestling theme ever and one that made a statement about the damage I was about to cause to some biceps.

After some rearranging was done to the bracket, I found out that we would be making our entrance first. While I wasn’t thrilled with that idea, I figured that after I beat my opponent I would have a large amount of downtime to psych myself up for round 2. My entourage, consisting of my friend Vickie as Hulk Hogan and Tim as Miss Elizabeth, escorted me through the crowd to the stage. My attempts at high five’s were neglected by the audience. Despite my neon pink hot pants and friendly sequined tank top, they were terrified of me. “Fine, I’m a heel*,” I decided. After an epic stare down with my opponent that I can only compare to the one between Apollo Creed and Rocky in [insert your favorite Rocky movie here], it was time to get down to business. My opponent was a circus contortionist. “Piece of cake!” I thought.


The bout consisted of three rounds. First up, right arm. We held each other for a while. She begged for mercy and the round was stopped. Second round, left arm. I was immediately destroyed. The last round was the right arm again and she, again, begged for the round to stop. It was during this round that I screamed “LET ME HEAR IT!” at the crowd because there is nothing more awkward than arm wrestling a circus contortionist on a stage dressed as a professional wrestler in complete silence. We would now have to go to Sudden Death: thumb wrestling. Ugh, fine, this is for charity.

Without going in to all the details, I fouled out of thumb wrestling and became the first dame to be eliminated. Childhood dream achieved!

I didn’t realize it in the moment though and I really wished that I had. I’ve always been someone that focuses on the end result and being able to say that I accomplished something rather than enjoy it in the moment. I end up with so much on my plate that I just want to rush through things to get to the next thing. Despite my epic loss, I actually really enjoyed the experience and will hopefully be asked to do it again.

By far the coolest part of this is that I somehow convinced people to dress up in drag for my entourage and come cheer for me. I am consistently humbled by how supportive my friends are. Also, we managed to raise a good chunk of dough for a local women’s shelter. You can read more about it, here. I hope you’ll be able to make it to our next bout!

So, go! Live out your dreams however you can and make sure you enjoy the ride.

*the bad guy in wrestling


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