#27 Hike Mt. Battie in Maine

For five years this item existed on my Spring, Summer, and Fall to do lists. That’s fourteen missed opportunities and one success. Successes should be celebrated and I chose to celebrate it by making goofy faces on top of a mountain. I’m proud of myself for doing this one. It wasn’t a difficult climb, but we only stopped walking twice. Once so I could put my hair up like a lady and again to figure out where the heck we were on the trail. I’m not entirely sure it would have gone this well a year ago. I’ve been fearful of trails, leaves, dirt, rocks, hills, nature, etc since breaking my ankle, but I am happy to say that those overly cautious days may finally be behind me.


It was a beautiful day up in Camden, Maine. The sky was virtually clear and both Vincent and I swear that you can in fact see the curvature of the earth, which is what brought us up to Mt. Battie to begin with. Our friend Emily lived in the area for some time and confirmed it’s gorgeousness for us prior to our visit. The Camden/Belfast/Rockport area is lovely. I’m looking forward to visiting again when I have more time.

We drove for eight hours today, hiked up and down a mountain, and ate a criminally delicious Lobster and Bacon club sandwich at Brass Compass Cafe in Rockport. I’m pooped. Enjoy the photos!

There is a battery atop of the mountain that was set up like a decoy station to keep the British at bay. Thankfully, it’s still structurally sound so we were able to enjoy the views from atop the battery as well.


2 responses

  1. Congrats! Glad you got such a lovely day for it. 🙂

  2. Cool combination of nature and history. Nice job.

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