#16 Go Yurt Camping

Right now I am coming down from the high of having the most relaxing weekend in a long time. I can still smell the campfire smoke in my hair, on my pillow, and on my sweatshirt. It’s never going away, is it?

On a whim a few months back I booked a yurt on the only remaining open weekend at Wells State Park out near Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Like most things, I was pretty unorganized in putting this weekend together. I’ve had so much going on the past few weeks and September 14th seemed really, really far away.

My brave camping companions on this trip were Josh and Joe. When I got to Josh’s house Friday afternoon, the back his car was filled with all types of camping supplies. Organized boxes containing matches, candles, bug spray, all types of travel and disposable kitchen supplies. It was amazing. Aside from a sleeping bag, I own nothing camping related. I shocked myself when I remembered I did in fact own a sleeping bag. Who knew?

Related Aside: I’ve been thinking lately a lot about what things I own make me feel like an adult. And they’re not things like a home (because I don’t own one) or my car (because I’ve been driving since I was 16), but they’re things like a rolling pin and my cat’s food storage container. Things that, instead of buying wrestling action figures, I bought on my own volition out of necessity. They’re things that make my life easier while preventing problems and fostering preparedness. One of these days I will get a Fast Lane Easy Pass. What do you own that makes you feel like an adult?

Anyway, Wells State Park is only about an hour west from Boston. It’s primarily for tent and motor home camping, but it is also home to two absolutely beautiful yurts. If you’re unsure of what yurt is wikipedia will give you a little bit of history.

These specific yurts were made by Pacific Yurts. The outside is covered in a green canvas and the windows unzip on the outside for ventilation. Josh and I were so excited about the yurt when we got there that undoing the windows was our way of playing with it. In fact we were so excited that we would constantly say to each other “Hey, you know what I’m going to do right now? Get [something] out of the yurt.” or “Hey, do you know what we’re going to do tonight? Go to sleep in a yurt.” This would then end with both of us squealing and jumping up and down. Yurts never get old.

Our fantastical yurt site!

Josh brought a ton of awesome food, not limited to his ginger soy marinated steaks and homemade pickles  (I have some in my fridge right now. YES!) which we prepared on Friday night once Joe arrived. Oh, and did you know that baked potatoes are absolutely incredible when wrapped in tin foil and placed in a fire? They are!

This was Joe’s fourth consecutive camping weekend so I consider him to be pro at this point. He showed up, wiggled the logs in the fire a little bit, and suddenly our fire was booming. It was pretty impressive before, but once Josh added these color crystals to it, it was the best fire that has ever existed.

Saturday morning Joe prepared us a plate of bacon and pancakes that were cooked in the bacon grease. Camping is the best!! They went off to find the pond and I decided this was a good time to go running. I hardly ever run outside, but we had nothing but time and the Mill Pond trail was calling my name. It was an awesome, but hilly, run through the woods and I think I stepped on a snake. I forgot how friendly campers and people walking alone in the woods are. Every person I ran past greeted me and flashed me a huge smile. They were probably just trying to feel out whether or not I was a murderer.

I also love how everything echos, how both 9:30pm and 6am feel late, and watching motor home pros back their over-sized vehicles into the smallest tree lined camp sites. And yurts. I love yurts.

Since it was towards the end of the season there were not a ton of structured activities – except building your own fire that someone got the date wrong on – so we ate and drank. Joe managed to open a bottle of wine using his shoe. He also brought a small Keurig which we could support by any of the six outlets inside our yurt. I love yurts. And with the weather being chilly, apple cider and hot chocolate were extra delicious.

Shoe Wine!

Absolutely the best part about camping is the bonding. And I am grateful for the time I got to spend getting to know Josh. I see Joe much, much less since I decided to take off a season off of dodgeball and we no longer live together. Also, I learned a lot from both of them about camping and how awesome it is. I love yurts.

Sunday morning, after freezing our buns off, Josh and I had an awesome breakfast at the biggest Friendly’s we’ve ever seen. A magical ending to an awesome weekend.

And now, a brief tour inside of our Yurt…

Bunk beds featuring both full and twin mattresses. To the right is a picnic table for rainy days. If it rains and you’re in a yurt, it’s ok. I love yurts!

There was a skylight!

I love yurts.


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  1. Consider me a Yurt convert

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